Thoughts on using WordPress.

I’ve been using WordPress since Friday, and I’ve decided to post some thoughts I’ve had about using it over the past 4 days, (things I’ve learned, ideas etc.)

  1. I should definitely stick to the default theme! All the themes I tried didn’t support something I wanted to do, (one of them didn’t display tags with the post, and the other one didn’t support post formats, which I need for the linkblog to make link posts look like links, and not text posts.)
  2. That being said, I haven’t yet figured out how to delete themes. I just can’t find any sort of delete button or link, and there isn’t a bulk editor for themes like there is for posts and comments.
  3. Speaking of tags, I wish I could display a tags widget on the page, instead of a catigories widget. I’m sure there’s a way to do this, I just haven’t had time to find it yet.
  4. I think not having my last 2 Audiomo posts formatted as audio might have messed them up, the embed worked on the last one, but I couldn’t get the file to play.
  5. The maximum file size per upload on media posts should be based on how much server space you have, not an arbitrary limit that WP imposes, (10MB.) Not that I’m going to upload a 1GB file to my server, (I have unlimited space,) but it should be more than 10MB.)
  6. It took me about 4 hours to set up the linkblog this morning, whereas it took me several sessions of trial and error to get the personal blog up and running last week, (and over the weekend.) Of course that did include signing up for my hosting account and using CPanel for the first time in 5 years, (a lot has changed.)
  7. WordPress has also changed a lot since I last used it in 2009. I know that they’ve tried to integrate a lot more features, but I went ahead and deactivated jetpack right away, because I haven’t had good experiences using the jetpack commenting system to leave comments.

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