Salad day.

Today my caregiver and I made chef salad, (sort of.) We made it without lettuce, so that it would last longer than 3 days. It’s been a Blogathon tradition, (since 2011,) for me to have chef salad in the days leading up to Blogathon, and order pizza on the day of. I’m not doing Blogathon this year, (as you all know, and as I posted last year,) but I’d still like to keep some of the traditions associated with the weekend intact. Even when I was sick, I was still thinking I would order pizza that weekend, in fact, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.
In a completely unrelated note, I need to look for a comment spam plugin for WP, or consider using Disqus. Sometimes I get comment notifications, and sometimes I don’t, so I have to check the comments on a fairly regular basis to root out the spam ones. If I had a plugin that would do that for me, it would be nice. You have to pay for Akismet, which is the one that used to come free with every WordPress install, and I don’t particularly want to pay for a comment spam plugin, so I need to find one.

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