Happy birthday to me!

I turned 31 today. I actually didn’t do too much, I went out to dinner with my family, and brought home 2 bags of Chinese leftovers. I didn’t go to Prayer Seeker’s Café today, because I decided that I didn’t really want to go on my birthday. Otherwise, I spent most of the day responding … [Read more…]

Happy early birthday to me!

I had my SSA appointment today. Under the disabled child benefit, I’m eligible for 50% of my dad’s Social Security earnings with his medicare taken out. This makes me eligible for $1131 per month, which is a $410 increase. Not only that, but my dad started getting his retirement in April, I didn’t fill out … [Read more…]

I went to the doctor today.

I think I waited in the doctor’s office for like a 15 minute appointment with the doctor. All my lab results were negative, and I don’t have the bacteria that causes ulcers. My doctor did say that cortizone can thin the lining of the stomach, and I’ve been taking that all my life, and will … [Read more…]

Doctor’s appointment issues.

I have a doctor’s appointment next Wednesday. The appointment is at 11, but my caregiver’s hours don’t start until 11. They don’t normally start until 11:30, but we thought the appointment was at 11:30, so she called her office to let them know. The problem is, she has a client right before me, and she … [Read more…]

Sunday school changes.

We won’t be having Sunday school for the next 3 Sundays. It’s the end of the adult classes, (we have adult classes at our church as well as kid’s classes,) so they decided to cancel the kid’s classes too. After we come back from break, the middle school kids, (sixth, seventh, and eighth graders,) are … [Read more…]

The past few days.

Not much has gone on here the past few days. Yesterday, my caregiver and I went to a local ice cream shop. After that we came back and baked brownies. The day before, my dad had surgery, it had to do with what he was in the hospital for last month, and the Doctor said … [Read more…]