Sunday school changes again.

Apparently, the children’s pastor decided that we didn’t have enough kids in our 9:00 Sunday school class. Now, we’ll be teaching kids ages 3-10, so we’ll be teaching the lessons a bit differently. Well, that’s what she told me when she sent the email to me, without sending me the lesson itself. Not only that, … [Read more…]

I ordered a laptop today.

I ordered a 15 inch laptop today from Dell. I wanted to get a 17 inch, but they didn’t have one with an i7 processor in it, and Windows 7, which is what I wanted. The problem is, that 15 inch laptop doesn’t come with an optical drive, which you kind of need to install … [Read more…]

I’m headacheless.

Finally, for the first time in like 10 days, I don’t have a headache! I don’t know what I did either, I just woke up without one! In a completely unrelated note, I should be getting my phone sometime next week, (probably on Monday.) After that, it will be all about taking a trip to … [Read more…]


I had an extremely bad headache yesterday, all I could do is lay there and breathe. I kept thinking the fan was the heater for some reason, (my heater actually has to spin up, and it sounds kind of similar to the noise my fan makes, but not that similar.) The hallucinations were… well… interesting, … [Read more…]