I didn’t get to my parent’s house until around almost 2:30, because my sister didn’t get here until about 2. My mom wanted to eat around 3, but I don’t think the turkey was actually done until about 3:30-4. After dinner, I got to play with my niece, she brought me one of her toys, … [Read more…]

Thanksgiving plans.

I don’t really know what I’m doing tomorrow, besides the fact that sometime, I’m going to my parent’s house for dinner. I have no idea when, because my family is the “we never make plans for anything until the day of” kind of family, and I’m the kind of person who likes to make plans. … [Read more…]


I went to my caregiver’s house for dinner tonight. We had breakfast for dinner, we had French toast, bacon, and eggs. I thought I was going to go over there for breakfast, but we decided to do dinner instead.

My phone is here!

I finally got my phone today! When the FedEx guy came to deliver it to me, I answered the call box and said, “these packages are in the way!” I thought it was my caregiver coming back from Panda Express, (I sent her to get lunch,) because I was stuck waiting for a package, and … [Read more…]

Family picture day.

Otherwise known as, “don’t lecture me, or the whole conversation will end up on Twitter.”We had family pictures taken today, it was extremely cold outside. My niece wanted pizza afterwards, which is pretty normal for a 2 and a half year old, so we went to pizza. I hadn’t eaten, because had gotten up at … [Read more…]

This is the lesson I taught today.

I know I’ve never done this in the past, but here’s the full text of the lesson I taught this morning at Prayer Seeker’s CafĂ©. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. … [Read more…]

Today and tomorrow.

I fell down the stairs on the way to church today. Nothing is broken or twisted, or anything like that, I just have a few scrapes here and there. I only fell down the first flight of stairs, then I got to the small floor in between. Tomorrow is the day I teach at Prayer … [Read more…]

Still waiting…

I didn’t receive a ship notification from Verizon today, so I have no idea if my phone actually shipped or not. I couldn’t call the landlord and ask him to sign for a package, if I wasn’t exactly sure if it had shipped, but he’ll either sign for it, or they’ll leave an attempted to … [Read more…]

I didn’t get a ballot

I’m pretty sure I was supposed to have gotten my ballot either last week, or the week before, and it just never came. I haven’t moved, I haven’t changed my address, I’m not exactly sure what happened. Apparently, if it isn’t in my mail box tomorrow, I have to go to the elections office, and … [Read more…]