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Staying up for close to 24 hours today.

Today is New Years Eve, and I’m staying up for about 21 hours to watch the TWiT 24 hours of 2015 special. They started at 3 AM this morning, and will end at 3 AM tomorrow morning. Since I don’t really believe in launching 24 hour events that early in the morning, I didn’t continue observing the CET schedule and get up at 3 this morning, (I got up at 6 instead.) I’ll be staying up until 3 though, which will probably mess up my sleep schedule even further! I plan to break out my instant coffee around midnight, so that I have plenty of time to drink it. I have lots of chocolate from my trip yesterday, and I’ve already eaten a couple things, but I intend to break it out later, (to make the process more fun!) Just because it’s New Years eve, (it’s a tradition here,) and it’s also a tradition when I’m staying up for 24 hours, I’ll be ordering pizza. I’ll try to post again around midnight, or maybe 2 AM, when I’m all loopy!

The end…

Today was the last day of 31c3. I didn’t want it to ve over! However, my sleep schedule is now officially messed up, and I think I have something like jet lag. Things seemed to run behind schedule today, which made me run behind schedule, and made me have to hurry and get ready for my trip. I had an out of town doctor’s appointment today, (why I absolutely had to schedule it today, I don’t know.) I knew I needed to get up early this morning, but not as early as I’ve been getting up the past 3 days, I had a couple things from 31c3 still yet to watch, and I had to get ready for the trip. We finished everything we’d plan to do on our trip ahead of schedule, but when we got to my doctor’s office, the doctor was behind. She was so far behind, that after we left, I told my caregiver that I should have told her that since she was behind schedule, there was no time for questions! We were so far behind schedule that my caregiver had to call her office and tell them that she was going over on her hours, after we left the doctor’s office. Ya know, after sticking to a very tight schedule all weekend, (because remember that I made my own schedule file,) and actually watching a lot more lectures than I had scheduled on the first day, you kind of get used to doing things ahead of schedule, (or right on time.) I even had to make an unplanned trip to Verizon to get a phone charger, (no, I never found mine,) and even with that slight deviation, we were done a half hour before we were supposed to be. Speaking of sleep schedules, I’m publishing this post and going to bed, no… I’m not watching the rest of the Kenedy Center honors!

The first 2 days of 31c3.

I’ve actually managed to survive 2 days of living on a European schedule without having any huge problems. That is until I discovered that my phone charger was missing, and by missing I mean Completely! MIA! absolutely nowhere to be found! I think my phone charger decided to take a trip to c3 without me. I’ve checked everywhere… several times, I think I’ve checked the surfaces of my desk at least twice, I’ve checked my bedroom, the floor, (at least twice,) I checked all the desk drawers, my purse, and I even checked the bag I took on my overnight trip to my parent’s house. I called and asked mom if I happened to leave it there, and it isn’t there either. The problem is, I use my phone as an alarm, and I don’t have a working alarm clock without it, so without my phone, I don’t really have a way to wake up for the rest of c3.
CCC has definitely been an interesting event! I’ve really enjoyed watching all the lectures, and watching all of it has actually made me wish I was there. It makes me wonder though, why do people have to be reminded to pick up trash and drink water so! many! times? After every talk, someone says, “please take your trash with you, and your neighbors trash, and your other neighbors trash, (OK, I’m kidding about the other neighbor’s trash part,) but seriously! Why do I have to be in charge of my neighbor’s trash?I have a hard enough time finding my own trash sometimes. Oh, and after one of the lectures today, someone actually said, “drink more water.” Um… I already drink enough water, but thanks for that reminder! That being said, maybe I’ll get to a c3 someday, because it looks like it would be a lot of fun!

Christmas, in list form.

Because there’s too much to write a freeform blog post about, and because I haven’t done a list on this blog in well… forever, I’m going to write about the events of my overnight trip to my parent’s house in list form.

  1. My sister, (who said she would absolutely be there at 9!) didn’t end up getting there until 10:30, which made everyone wait for her, and my niece ended up having to rush through opening gifts at the end, (she had the most gifts, and she had to go see her dad.)
  2. I ended up live tweeting my sister’s arrival:
  3. I got a new computer chair for Christmas, I also got $100 from my grandma, and a gift certificate to sees candy, (which I new about ahead of time, because she told me on the phone while asking if she could save me a trip and get the stuff I’m going to get next Tuesday herself.)
  4. I also got a new purse, (which I think I’m going to have my mother exchange because it’s quite small,) and an external optical drive for my laptop, ( which I need so I can actually create recovery disks.)
  5. I think some of my tweets from early this morning were hilarious. We were waiting for the coffee to be done so we could have coffee and sinnamon roles, and I said, “we seem to be waiting for a lot of things right now.” My grandma said, “we don’t have anything else to do, it’s Christmas.” I tweeted that conversation, then I tweeted, “Lol, since when did Christmas become like following a legal case?” We seemed to be waiting a long time, and it reminded me of last year, and the beginning of this year.
  6. I really annoyed myself by forgetting to move the 31c3 schedule file I made with lecture titles, there german and pacific start times, and there places, over to my laptop from my external drive. I ignored the fact that the c3 will be 4 days long, and I probably will end up forgetting which day each lecture is taking place on, so I failed to put dates in the file. I started some of that last night, but I could have worked on that this morning while waiting for MS. Annie come lately to get to my parent’s house.
  7. Speaking of 31c3, I was complaining about the fact that I didn’t have the file, and my grandma was complaining about me saying 31c3 too many times without explaining it or something strange like that. So I then had to hilariously explain the c3 to my parents and my grandmother. The explainer went like this: there’s a computer club in Germany called the Chaos Computer Club. Every year, they hold an event called the CCC, or Chaos Communication Congress. When written, this gets shortened to c3. Since I tend to pronounce things the way they’re written, (or pronounced by the screen reader, until I hear otherwise,) I also say c3.) Since this is the 31st annual event, it’s 31c3. I didn’t have to explain the part about the pronunciation to them, I think they already know that.
  8. I got home around 7:30 tonight, my dad and I left right after we ate dinner.
  9. Last night, I was having weird wi-fi issues! My laptop didn’t exactly want to stay connected to my parent’s wi-fi, and it was like being in Vegas all over again! The computer would connect for a second, then disconnect from the network and the internet, and it reminded me of the horribly flakey resort net wi-fi we had at my parent’s timeshare!

I’d like to take the time to wish everyone reading a Merry Christmas!

A close call with my phone.

I took the phone in the bathroom with me this morning, and set it on a wicker shelf above my toylet. For some reason, I didn’t have the toylet lid down, and the phone fell off the shelf, hit the side of the toylet, and went onto the floor. I honestly thought the phone fell into the toylet, and I reached in to fish it out! I didn’t hear a splash though, so I wasn’t sure where the phone was, until I found it on the floor. I dropped my 4S in the toylet in June of last year, but I’m really glad my new iPhone 6, (that I just got last month,) didn’t end up in the toylet!
So I found out this morning, that my parent’s don’t have an extra bed for me to spend the night in like I usually do on Christmas eve. This means I’ll probably end up having to go back-and-forth with my sister, who’s always an hour later than she says she’s going to be for anything. I’m not really looking forward to that at all! Not only that, but my sister invited her X girlfriend/girlfriend who she says she isn’t back together with, (but they seem to be spending every! single! weekend! together,) to Christmas eve dinner. She asked me if I cared if she came, and I told her it would be awkward, because I haven’t seen her for a while. Honestly, the last time I saw this person was when she was threatening to kill my sister… and you’re wondering why it’s awkward? To that I just have to say… OMG! I tweeted that, “with all the family drama going on, I think I’m looking forward to 31C3 more than Christmas!” Which I definitely am looking forward to 31C3! I’m also looking forward to the lack of interuptions that will hopefully come with live streaming a conference for 3 days straight, (I think I’m actually planning to not go to church next Sunday, and take off from Prayer Seeker’s Café.) I’ll be out of town the last day of the conference, I have a doctor’s appointment, oh and some other stuff that day.

Fudge success!

My caregiver and I succeeded at making fudge today! We made peanut butter milk chocolate white chocolate fudge. They didn’t have just plane peanut butter chips at WalMart, so I had to get peanut butter milk chocolate chips, I had a bag of white chocolate chips, so we put those in. It’s actually very good fudge! It set up and everything! I was actually afraid it wasn’t going to set, because there was a lot of fluid in the pan, but I’m glad everything dissolved this time.

Fudge failure!

My caregiver and I tried to make fudge today, but it failed really badly! I think it was because we used sweetened condensed milk, instead of evaporated milk. It actually did solidify, but the sugar didn’t end up dissolving all the way, so there were lumps in it. We’re going to try again tomorrow, this time using a different recipe, (the recipe on the back of the marshmallow cream jar, instead of the one I found online.) Instead of using Semisweet bakers chocolate though, we’re going to use a mix of white chocolate and peanut butter chips, (I’m hoping that will work.)

Yesterday and today.

I rode the bus to church yesterday. This doesn’t normally happen, the children’s pastor’s husband happened to be driving the bus yesterday, so he brought the bus to pick me up. I used to ride the bus back in 2012, but the bus would only come every other Sunday, and I missed it a couple times. We ended up praying for like 16 people at Prayer Seeker’s Café today, (which is a lot.) There was some dispute over whether whether it was 16 or 17, but it was a lot more than usual. A couple hours after I got home, mom came by to get checks for a Christmas gift for dad, I had written one check, but it turned out it was going to be more, so I just gave her that check, and she just wrote a second check for the other amount. Turns out I’m still not done with Christmas shopping yet, I still have to get my caregiver something, I think I’m just going to get her a gift certificate to the grocery store we both shop at, and then take her out to lunch for her birthday.

I’m finally done with Christmas shopping!

I finished my Christmas shopping today. I thought I was going to be done yesterday, but I had to get a couple last things today. I had stocking stuffers for everyone but my sister, so I needed to get her a couple things for her stocking. I really didn’t know what to get, so I texted mom, she sent me a text with a list of things that my sister had sent her. The only person I actually don’t have a gift for is my dad, because I’m splitting it with my mom, which means it’s one of those big expensive things that probably won’t get here in time for Christmas.

UPS delivery issues.

I was expecting a package from UPS today, so when they rang my call box to deliver I didn’t think it was that big of a surprise. When the driver didn’t actually come in to deliver the package though, I thought that was a bit strange. I called my landlord to see if they delivered the package to him, and he said no, but he ended up calling UPS. It turns out that they delivered the package to the rong apartment! How they managed to do that, I’m not sure, because I put my apartment number in my address.
I did not sleep at all last night, I stayed up all night coughing, I’ve been sick for about a week now, but then again, so have a lot of people. I didn’t go to Prayer Seeker’s Café today, which means that if I was planning to take a day off at the end of the month, (which I was, for conference purposes,) I probably won’t be able to. Yeah, I was planning to take the 29th off, so I didn’t miss a day of 31C3. I missed a lot of 30C3 last year, because we were in Vegas, I was trying to watch speeches after the fact, but I ended up being interrupted by mealtimes, and distracted by my niece screaming 5000 times over.