The end…

Today was the last day of 31c3. I didn’t want it to ve over! However, my sleep schedule is now officially messed up, and I think I have something like jet lag. Things seemed to run behind schedule today, which made me run behind schedule, and made me have to hurry and get ready for … [Read more…]

The first 2 days of 31c3.

I’ve actually managed to survive 2 days of living on a European schedule without having any huge problems. That is until I discovered that my phone charger was missing, and by missing I mean Completely! MIA! absolutely nowhere to be found! I think my phone charger decided to take a trip to c3 without me. … [Read more…]

Fudge success!

My caregiver and I succeeded at making fudge today! We made peanut butter milk chocolate white chocolate fudge. They didn’t have just plane peanut butter chips at WalMart, so I had to get peanut butter milk chocolate chips, I had a bag of white chocolate chips, so we put those in. It’s actually very good … [Read more…]

Fudge failure!

My caregiver and I tried to make fudge today, but it failed really badly! I think it was because we used sweetened condensed milk, instead of evaporated milk. It actually did solidify, but the sugar didn’t end up dissolving all the way, so there were lumps in it. We’re going to try again tomorrow, this … [Read more…]

Yesterday and today.

I rode the bus to church yesterday. This doesn’t normally happen, the children’s pastor’s husband happened to be driving the bus yesterday, so he brought the bus to pick me up. I used to ride the bus back in 2012, but the bus would only come every other Sunday, and I missed it a couple … [Read more…]

UPS delivery issues.

I was expecting a package from UPS today, so when they rang my call box to deliver I didn’t think it was that big of a surprise. When the driver didn’t actually come in to deliver the package though, I thought that was a bit strange. I called my landlord to see if they delivered … [Read more…]

Yesterday and today.

Yesterday my caregiver and I finished most of my Christmas shopping. I think all I have left to do are stocking stuffers. I’m not sure if I’m going to do them, because that would involve going with my sister, filling up a cart and splitting it, and I’m not sure if we’re doing that this … [Read more…]

My $200 shopping day.

Yeah, I had a $200 shopping day today. I spent $149 on groceries, and $52 at WalMart, my grocery bill was actually $164, but I had $15 in EBT benefits. I used to get a lot more, when my income was a lot lower, but yeah… that’s just how the government works. My account balances … [Read more…]