A close call with my phone.

I took the phone in the bathroom with me this morning, and set it on a wicker shelf above my toylet. For some reason, I didn’t have the toylet lid down, and the phone fell off the shelf, hit the side of the toylet, and went onto the floor. I honestly thought the phone fell into the toylet, and I reached in to fish it out! I didn’t hear a splash though, so I wasn’t sure where the phone was, until I found it on the floor. I dropped my 4S in the toylet in June of last year, but I’m really glad my new iPhone 6, (that I just got last month,) didn’t end up in the toylet!
So I found out this morning, that my parent’s don’t have an extra bed for me to spend the night in like I usually do on Christmas eve. This means I’ll probably end up having to go back-and-forth with my sister, who’s always an hour later than she says she’s going to be for anything. I’m not really looking forward to that at all! Not only that, but my sister invited her X girlfriend/girlfriend who she says she isn’t back together with, (but they seem to be spending every! single! weekend! together,) to Christmas eve dinner. She asked me if I cared if she came, and I told her it would be awkward, because I haven’t seen her for a while. Honestly, the last time I saw this person was when she was threatening to kill my sister… and you’re wondering why it’s awkward? To that I just have to say… OMG! I tweeted that, “with all the family drama going on, I think I’m looking forward to 31C3 more than Christmas!” Which I definitely am looking forward to 31C3! I’m also looking forward to the lack of interuptions that will hopefully come with live streaming a conference for 3 days straight, (I think I’m actually planning to not go to church next Sunday, and take off from Prayer Seeker’s CafĂ©.) I’ll be out of town the last day of the conference, I have a doctor’s appointment, oh and some other stuff that day.

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