Christmas, in list form.

Because there’s too much to write a freeform blog post about, and because I haven’t done a list on this blog in well… forever, I’m going to write about the events of my overnight trip to my parent’s house in list form.

  1. My sister, (who said she would absolutely be there at 9!) didn’t end up getting there until 10:30, which made everyone wait for her, and my niece ended up having to rush through opening gifts at the end, (she had the most gifts, and she had to go see her dad.)
  2. I ended up live tweeting my sister’s arrival:
  3. I got a new computer chair for Christmas, I also got $100 from my grandma, and a gift certificate to sees candy, (which I new about ahead of time, because she told me on the phone while asking if she could save me a trip and get the stuff I’m going to get next Tuesday herself.)
  4. I also got a new purse, (which I think I’m going to have my mother exchange because it’s quite small,) and an external optical drive for my laptop, ( which I need so I can actually create recovery disks.)
  5. I think some of my tweets from early this morning were hilarious. We were waiting for the coffee to be done so we could have coffee and sinnamon roles, and I said, “we seem to be waiting for a lot of things right now.” My grandma said, “we don’t have anything else to do, it’s Christmas.” I tweeted that conversation, then I tweeted, “Lol, since when did Christmas become like following a legal case?” We seemed to be waiting a long time, and it reminded me of last year, and the beginning of this year.
  6. I really annoyed myself by forgetting to move the 31c3 schedule file I made with lecture titles, there german and pacific start times, and there places, over to my laptop from my external drive. I ignored the fact that the c3 will be 4 days long, and I probably will end up forgetting which day each lecture is taking place on, so I failed to put dates in the file. I started some of that last night, but I could have worked on that this morning while waiting for MS. Annie come lately to get to my parent’s house.
  7. Speaking of 31c3, I was complaining about the fact that I didn’t have the file, and my grandma was complaining about me saying 31c3 too many times without explaining it or something strange like that. So I then had to hilariously explain the c3 to my parents and my grandmother. The explainer went like this: there’s a computer club in Germany called the Chaos Computer Club. Every year, they hold an event called the CCC, or Chaos Communication Congress. When written, this gets shortened to c3. Since I tend to pronounce things the way they’re written, (or pronounced by the screen reader, until I hear otherwise,) I also say c3.) Since this is the 31st annual event, it’s 31c3. I didn’t have to explain the part about the pronunciation to them, I think they already know that.
  8. I got home around 7:30 tonight, my dad and I left right after we ate dinner.
  9. Last night, I was having weird wi-fi issues! My laptop didn’t exactly want to stay connected to my parent’s wi-fi, and it was like being in Vegas all over again! The computer would connect for a second, then disconnect from the network and the internet, and it reminded me of the horribly flakey resort net wi-fi we had at my parent’s timeshare!

I’d like to take the time to wish everyone reading a Merry Christmas!

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