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My caregiver’s office called me today.

My caregiver’s office called today to ask if I knew if she was leaving. Of course I said yes, because she’s leaving to go on the state registry. Her background check has been approved, but for some reason it’s taking forever for them to finish the process and send her a provider number. Once that’s done, the process can be completed. I was going to be completely honest with them, and say that we’re both leaving to go on the state registry, but for some reason I couldn’t make myself say that. I didn’t lie, I just answered the questions the lady was asking me, and hung up the phone.
Today, I ended up following the confirmation hearings for the nominee for Attorney Generayl, Loretta Lynch. I just like to follow confirmation hearings, mostly to see how many questions the nominees will actually answer, (instead of evading the question.) These h+earings weren’t supposed to be done until 5 this evening, but they actually got done around 3.

Stating the obvious and other things.

Today, my caregiver and I went to Taco Bell for lunch. Her boyfriend met us there, because he really likes taco bell. While we were there, she asked him to look at her car charger, because it wasn’t working, and he literally said, “the car has to be on for it to charge.” LOL, talk about stating the obvious, I started laughing right then and there! After we were done with Taco Bell, we went to Big Lot to get me a spare lightning cable, and her a car charger.
The headache I had last weekend never fully went away, and now my face tingles on the left side, which is kind of strange. I’ve had headaches that have spread to my face before, but they don’t usually last this long, and yeah the face part does usually go away along with the headache.
I’ve decided that in addition to starting play practice next month, I’ll be participating in the Febooary challenge again this year. I’ll be using SndUp, as you might remember that I deleted my Audioboom, (formerly Audioboo) account last June.

Last week, and the weekend.

Not much happened last week, I went grocery shopping, and I ended up ordering a purse online, (which I got today.) My caregiver found out her background check for the state was approved, she should be getting her provider number in a few days. Starting Saturday, and lasting until today, I had an extremely bad headache! This was really bad, like delerious bad! I even asked mom to come over and whack me with a big stick, to knock me out so that I could go to sleep for a long time (like a week or 2,) and not wake up. Lol… and she thought I sounded sane when she was talking to me, the thing is, that I was being absolutely 100% serious about that! She did have to bring me some Naproxin from the store on Sunday, it didn’t exactly work all the way, and I still have a headache. I told my caregiver that I probably wouldn’t be able to pass a sobriety test.

The past couple days.

I should probably put this in list form, but since it’s only 3 things, I’m not going to do that, because it would be like a list of 3 things with 3 long paragraphs. Our church service schedule changed on Sunday. We now have a 9:00 service, and a 10:30 service. This means that I teach Sunday school during the 9:00 service, and stay for the 10:30 service. This makes for a long day at church on Sundays! For some reason, I thought the 9:00 service ended at 10:30, but it ends at 10, which is weird because it’s a shorter service. They used to do this on Saturday nights, but not a lot of people came during that time, so they changed it to the 9:00 AM service.
I had my last day of Prayer Seeker’s Café yesterday. When I made the announcement that I was leaving on the 5th, the director’s wife didn’t seem like she was very happy with me, and I wasn’t sure if she understood that I was actually going to leave. Things went well there yesterday, in fact she told me that she appreciated the way I announced that I was leaving in front of the group, instead of doing what someone had done the week before, brought a bundle of cookies, took her husband aside, and told him he was leaving. I was actually going to take the director’s wife aside and tell her, but I decided that in the interest of transparency, I would just tell everyone. She told me that I was brave for doing that, honestly, I was more afraid of the reaction I would get than the act of announcing I was leaving, but it was one of those things that had to be done publicly, or the lessons of the past 4 years would come to nothing.
When I went out of town for my doctor’s appointment, not only did we stop at Sees candy, but we also stopped at this place called Euphoria Chocolate Company. I got various things, but one of the things I got were 2 chocolate covered marshmallows, when I ate both of them, I absolutely had to have more of those things, because they were epic! I went to their site on Wednesday or Thursday night to see if they sold them, and I was annoyed that they didn’t. I called them on Friday to ask why, in fact, they didn’t sell any of their chocolate covered items on their site. They told me that they don’t like to sell singles, (and that’s how they sell them.) I ended up placing an order for just under a pound of chocolate covered marshmallows, because that’s what they had. I wasn’t sure exactly how to order them, so I was trying to do it by weight, and a pound makes either 24 or 25, and they had 23 milk chocolate covered marshmallows. They said they ship priority mail, and I was like well… hmm, that’s a bit of a problem, because I don’t want the package to get left at the post office and my caregiver and I would have to go and pick it up. I asked if they could do UPS. I had to talk to their shipping manager yesterday, but yeah, they can do UPS., and because it’s only an hour and 15 minutes away from here, UPS 3-day select well… let’s just say only took about a day!

Upgrading my internet connection.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve had issues with my internet connection while participating in Skype calls. I don’t have issues with the connection at any other time, and the calls are taking place at 3 PM, (PST,) when there shouldn’t be a lot of traffic on the network. I thought CenturyLink might be throttling my connection, because I thought I might have gone over the data cap last month, (with all the 31c3 streaming I was doing, and the Twit 24 hours of 2015 the next day.) It turns out that I somehow managed to only use 34 GB of data last month, out of a 250 GB cap! I’ve actually used more in the past, (in Sept 2011, I somehow managed to use 52 GB, although I don’t remember that month being anything out of the ordinary data-wise.) When I say I’m having issues with Skype calls, I mean I can’t hear the other person, but the other person can hear me just fine.
CenturyLink obviously says they aren’t throttling my connection, (if I only used 34 GB last month, why would they be?) and they couldn’t tell me why I’m having strange issues with Skype calls. I decided that maybe throwing more upload speed at the problem would possibly fix it, and I asked the CenturyLink support people if this could fix it, and they said yes. I upgraded my connection to 12 MBPS down, and 896 KBPS up, I thought it would be at least 1 MBPS up, but unfortunately I was wrong about that whole thing. I did a speed test, and right now, (as of today, before they activate the new speed,) I’m getting 501 KBPS up, so hopefully this will fix things, but if it doesn’t, I’m really not sure why I can’t make Skype calls.
Not only did I have to upgrade my internet connection, but I had to reset the network settings on my phone. I was having problems with Siri for about a day, and couldn’t access it over LTE or WI-FI. I knew my WI-FI was working, because Melissa was using it earlier on her laptop. I ended up having about a 4 and a half hour Twitter conversation with several Verizon support representatives, the last one told me to reset network settings, and that finally worked!

My caregiver took her class today.

My caregiver is taking a class so that she can leave the agency she’s working for, and get on the state registry. This means that I’m also going back on the registry, (I was on the registry for 7 years before my caseworker decided that I should use a home care agency.) The process for getting certified for the registry is fairly simple, (the person fills out paperwork, goes through a background check, and then takes an orientation training.) In my case for some reason, a referral from my caseworker was needed, I’m not sure why, because the registry is open to the public. We’ll be changing the schedule, (she’ll be coming 5 days a week,) so I’ll be leaving Prayer Seeker’s Café.

I’m going to be in the easter play at church!

I’m going to be in the play as one of the dancing angels. I’m not exactly sure what the part entails yet, but I know we dance before the crusifiction, and during and after the resurrection. I took ballet in 9th and 10th grade, and I’ve done some acting in plays, (when I was younger,) so I’ve had some experience. I did have to ask the Pastor’s daughter to get one of the dance teachers to work with me privately on the steps, because when I took ballet lessons, I took private lessons, and then if I was going to dance with a group, I would practice with them later.
Our service schedule at church is changing this weekend, we’re starting to have a 9:00 service, and a 10:30 service. This means that I’ll have to start teaching Sunday school at the 9:00 service, then go to the 10:30 service. They’re doing away with the Saturday night service, because not enough people were attending.

Still counting down!

Yeah… I forgot to post this when it hit midnight pacific time, but I was a bit busy. I’d like to take the time to wish everyone a happy new year, where ever you are! We have less than 2 hours to go in TWiT’s 24 hours of 2015, and they’ve already raised $56000 for Unicef! They have an audience of almost a million people, but I’ve never dreamed of raising that much in 24 hours! I’ve already finished the coffee and chocolate for the night, which means that at this point, I’m running on a lot of adrenalin and I probably won’t want to go to bed at 3 when this is all over! I watched Leo Laporte get a tattoo on his rear on stream, (that was what he was going to do if they went over $50,000, and I thought that if he can do that on camera, I can get a tattoo, (the rear areas are off limits though!)