I finally got the song!

I finally got the song we’re dancing to for the play yesterday. I’d been asking the play director to send it to me, and she finally did! She actually sent it on Friday, but I’m way behind on email, so I got it yesterday. In a completely unrelated note, I would like to try Meerkat, … [Read more…]

Today at play practice.

I finally get to do an arabesque! Unfortunately, I have to do an arabesque with the flag in my hand, as I’ve become the resident standard-bearer. I don’t mind being the flag bearer, it’s actually kind of fun, but when it comes to dancing, I really should just put the flag down! One of the … [Read more…]

I played the congas last night!

At around 2:30 yesterday, the lady who normally picks me up for play practice called to say she wouldn’t be going because she was sick. I tried calling and texting the director to ask if it was OK if Melissa could bring me, but she didn’t get back to me until we were leaving the … [Read more…]

Last weekend and today.

Yesterday I went to town with mom, to get some things I needed for the house. After that she brought me back home, and she was cleaning under the couch, (she had to move it to do that, of course,) and she decided to rearrange my furnature without asking me. This is the second time … [Read more…]

Melissa is coming back!

Melissa is coming back to work for me next week! We just have to figure out a schedule, because she took some other jobs in the meantime, so she could pay bills.Melissa did say that one of her other jobs is at a home care agency, (not the one that was about to sue her … [Read more…]

Yesterday and today.

I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was following up on my hospital visit last month. my mother decided to tell the doctor that for the last year, she thinks I’ve been short with people, and that I’ve been depressed. Because of this, the doctor put me on antidepressant pills. I hope the pills … [Read more…]