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The ridiculous floor drama continues!

Today I got a call from the building owner while Melissa and I were out grocery shopping, I asked him to call back in a couple hours. He ended up calling back about 15 minutes before Melissa had to leave. He kept going around and circles over several things, but the basic gist of the conversation was that he wants me to have a meeting with the building manager to explain why I didn’t report the incident, or… why I’m uncomfortable with him, (because building manager doesn’t exactly understand that yelling defamatory insults at someone, and failing to listen to anything anyone says at the time, well… that just isn’t exactly the right thing to do. Meanwhile, building owner keeps telling us how much he likes the manager, and how good at tfixing things he is, while also saying he doesn’t exactly know how to talk to him because he always says “I am the way I am.” Building owner also said in that meeting that building manager has yelled at him several times, and that he “encourages it as long as it doesn’t affect the way he treats others.” Melissa and I both had a conversation about this today, and we both agreed that if we were his boss, and if he yelled at us, we’d be firing him! I told building owner that I would like my mother to be present at that meeting, (because building manager reminds me of MR. ridiculous, and I don’t need someone like that flying off the handle at me or Melissa like he did last time.) I had to tell owner that my parents were on vacation, and they won’t be back until next weekend, so we’ll have to put the meeting off until a few days after my parents get back from vacation. Oh yeah, I also had to re-explain to owner that not calling manager wasn’t Melissa’s decision, it was mine. He told me that Melissa did make a mistake by moving the cone, and I did agree with him, (in fact, I said “that was an error.” I also said that not calling manager was my decision, because I was afraid of what his reaction would be. Once I told him that, he finally remembered that that was what I said last time, (of course I have everything from the last meeting recorded, so I know exactly what I said.)

I got to track flights on Friday.

Everyone in the family went on a trip except me. At the time they were making reservations, I didn’t know I was going to get a big SSA increase, so I was saving money to buy a laptop. Not only that, but let’s just say the area they went has too much heat, and not-so-nice internet access. So on Friday night, I got to track flights, which was interesting, because they decided to fly Spirit airlines again like we did when we were flying to and from Vegas. Well, it turns out that Flightaware doesn’t list spirit airlines under spirit airlines, it lists it under “Spiritwings.” This makes no sense whatsoever! Of course, I didn’t realize this until I looked up the airline code for spirit, it happens to be “NK.” Although flightaware says it’s “NKS.” Which it absolutely isn’t!

We didn’t fail at anything today!

We didn’t have any absolute failures today, like we did today last year! Unlike last year, Melissa didn’t fail at cooking, which is good because she was frying things, and if she would have failed this time, it could possibly burn down the building! I also didn’t have to read a 41 page legal document like I did this time last year. Yep, today is 4/16/2015, which happens to be the anniversary of that very libelous legal document that was the Lavanit ruling. Overall, we did have a better day than we did today last year. I do have to figure out what’s wrong with the Wi-Fi though, Melissa can’t use it and I can, which is extremely strange!

Pre-performance pictures!

OK, I’m finally going to try and upload the pictures! I’m not sure if it will take all of them, because they’re big, and I’m not exactly sure how to format the post.

Events from the past week.

First of all, the play went really well! I do have pictures of me in my angel costume, but up until today, I’ve been so tired from 7 days worth of performances, that I haven’t had time to upload them! I’ll probably get to those sometime in the next couple days. My friend Kim also did take pictures of me dancing angel and in what I like to call my “pilate costume,” so as soon as she sends those to me, I’ll upload those as well. Mom and dad came on Thursday night, and mom just had to lecture me about the fact that my unison was off in the dance, and the fact that I made the beginners error of leaning forward on my arabesque just a little too far that night. Actually, I like to do high arabesques instead of lower ones, unfortunately, this causes me to lean forward a bit further than you’re supposed to, (because up until last month, I hadn’t performed an arabesque for about 15 years.) Part of the reason why my unison was off in the dance was because I didn’t know how long to hold the arm positions, and that was because no one told me how many counts to hold anything. On top of that, when I thought I heard Dawn tell me to turn, she was actually telling me not to turn, so I think I spun like 2 extra times that night!
On top of 3 dress rehearsals, (full dress, hair, makeup and costume changes every day,) and 4 performances last week, I had to deal with major building drama before the play and just before the performances started. Last Tuesday while we were getting the cart to load my groceries and use the elevator to bring them up here, (we have to do this via the basement,) the basement was blocked off with cones and caution tape. There were no signs, and we didn’t know why, (I thought they might have been cleaning down there, because they had been cleaning down there a couple weeks ago and had put notices everywhere.) Instead there was actually wet paint, (um…. excuse me… epoxy,) and Melissa accidentally left a shoe print on the floor. I didn’t call the building manager because honestly, I was afraid of what his reaction would be. He can be well… um, a lot like MR. ridiculous at times, (defamatory, unstable, and quite pharisaical,) and I was in a hurry because I needed to go to practice and I didn’t want to get into a word twisting, quoting everything line-by-line like debate with him. Instead we had that debate the next day, when he called me 3 times, and then cornered Melissa and I as we came back from the property management agency. He pretty much yelled at Melissa and told her she lacked common sense, was being stupid, and wasn’t using her brain, while he proceeded to not listen to anything she said. Yep, that reminded me of a lot of tweets I read last year! When I got upset because he was yelling at Melissa, he told me I needed to find a new caregiver and that he didn’t know why I was upset. He came up here the next day to tell me he still had no idea why I was upset, and that everything he said the day before “was for her.”
So mom called the property management agency last Thursday because I asked her to, but in addition to lecturing me about my dance that night, she also lectured me about not getting someone else to fight my battles. This is the same person that comes over and rearranges my furnature without asking me! She also goes through my desk drawers, and oh yeah just takes my stuff without telling me! This is also the same person who got my doctor to put me on antidepressents just because she thought I was “being short with people… um… lady, you have major issues, and you probably need to see a therapist! I actually asked her to call the building manager because I honestly thought he was surveiling me with the security cameras that are everywhere in the building. Instead she called the property management agency, and they called the building owner. Meanwhile, I was being told I was going to have to pay $100 for epoxy, then it was $80, then it was $40. The building owner called my mom, (apparently he called her twice,) and today at 11 this morning, he called me. He said he wanted to meet with Melissa and I, and he asked what time would be a good time to meet. We agreed to meet around 3. I knew this was going to be one of those pro se hearing like moments, and it turns out it was, it turns out the owner of the building is a retired police officer and spent a lot of time in military service, (I got a bit nervous when I first heard that.) Several things came out of the meeting:

  1. He didn’t think the way we were treated by the building manager was fair.
  2. However, he didn’t like the fact that I didn’t call manager either while we were loading groceries, or after the fact to tell him what happened. I had to apologize for that, because I do like transparency, (and although I didn’t want to tell a retired police officer and military serviceman that I support Wikileaks, and have studied sensitive and still classified documents and documents that involved a legal case that was at the time still under seal, well… yeah.
  3. He admitted that he doesn’t know how to deal with manager because he’s so intense and abrupt.
  4. He also admitted that he probably started the fire by telling manager that what Melissa did “lacked common sense.” I was about to have a “this argument makes no sense” moment right then and there because he wants us to call every time we’re loading groceries and they’re working on the basement and we need the cart, but what if manager isn’t in the building right then? He’d have to send someone else, we were in a hurry and I needed to go to practice, so that just wasn’t going to happen.
  5. He told me he’s going to waive the $40 this time, but there’s legal precedent for this because I signed the rental contract, so I’m legally responsible for what Melissa does. I could probably contest this fact on the grounds that it was an accident and that I didn’t receive proper warning in a way that was accessible to me, and therefore the actions were plain error because we didn’t realize there was wet epoxy and they were “surfacing” the floor.
  6. He wants to have a follow-up meeting, and he doesn’t know how to talk to the manager, so file this one under unresolved question. A legal case is an unresolved question, so file this one under legal case?

I did record the meeting, and it turned out to be an hour and 12 minute file.