Thursday 13: Ideas for Meerkat.

OK, I haven’t done a Thursday 13 post in an extremely long time! So much so that Thursday 13 itself has changed URLs, it’s now here I have to admit I kind of cheated on this one, I only came up with 11 items on my list, and the last 2 are a bit of a disclaimer.

  1. Fix the comment button so that it works with Bluetooth keyboards, and in all streams. I think I’ve only gotten it to work a couple times.
  2. Fix the web interface so that it works in all browsers, OK… I’m not talking about IE 6 here, but I’m talking about Firefox, and the login errors with Twitter.
  3. Provide a favorites feature, OK… I’ve jumped into a lot of streams, but that doesn’t mean I want to be notified every single time they all go live. Provide a section where we can only be notified when let’s say a few of our friends, (or streams we like,) go live.
  4. Let us customize our profiles, not just the end streams. Provide room for a list of links to various places in our profiles, for instance, blogs, Youtube channels, etc, instead of just letting us put one link in the end stream.
  5. Fix the scheduling feature. In other words, when I say I’m going to stream in 30 minutes, don’t tweet out in 23 hours. Or just let me schedule exact times, like 10:30.
  6. Let me, (as the person who’s streaming,) have a feature where I can choose to only see comments from users that have them set to come through Twitter. I need to se Twitter mentions so that I actually have an alert or notification.
  7. Provide a simple widget for us to embed on our websites, when we’re live, let there just be a play button there, (it doesn’t have to autoplay.)
  8. I know this would be sometime down the road, but provide a way to stream from the web interface.
  9. Provide a facility for Audio only streaming, because I want to stream my church worship services, but without drawing attention to myself in church, so without holding the camera.
  10. Archive the streams. OK, there’s Katch, and it does an absolutely amazing job! However, providing some archiving would be good, even if it comes later down the road.
  11. Sometimes I like jumping into random streams for a while, provide a random stream button, (then you would probably have to provide filtering features though… unless you could write a good disclaimer.)
  12. I know Meerkat is in beta, and still in the early stages of development.
  13. These are just some random ideas I came up with after reading a 97 page legal document earlier today.


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