I got my form back from the doctor today…

He didn’t fill it out correctly. He said I needed a wheelchair accessible apartment, instead of a one bedroom. I even told him what to write. We ended up going to the housing authority, and taking the form in. I talked to my representative, and she said she would ask the director if she would give me an accomidation based on the fact that I have a known disability. If she says no though, we’ll have to take the form back to the doctor’s office.
I’m starting to think I don’t like the theme I chose for this blog! Searching for themes is extremely hard, because you really never know what you’re going to get, and most of the themes are not free now days. I don’t like the fact that it hides the widgets until you click the link, and I have to access a widget on the page to get to the admin panel, unless I want to login every time. I made my first submittion to Reddit tonight, I’m trying to find a very simple news theme for the Linkday site, not a magazine theme, (because I want full text to be displayed,) but kind of like what the Blogathon blog used to have before they started using WP. I kind of want something like the old PHP script called Sideblog, that let you put a blog on your site, but it also let you have other things there. I’m not sure if WP has a sideblog theme or not.

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