Excited is my word of the week!!

I called my soon-to-be property management agency earlier, my application has been approved!!!!! All we’re waiting on right now is the apartment I’m first in line for to become vacant, so they can call me and tell me they’re ready to give me the keys. That way I’ll be able to go walk through it and make a final decision! I have a feeling it’s going to be a yes on this one. Mom was at the complex yesterday, the apartments are big, and I’m on the top floor, (no noisy children running around above me!) Not only that, but the top floor is only 2 short flights of 7 steps up. Unless there are a whole bunch of bugs, or a lot of noise, or major plumning issues, I see no reason why I wouldn’t want this 2 bedroom, 800 SQFT apartment!
Not only that, but I applied for my very first credit card today, (so I could get some things for the move.) That’s right people, I’m 31, and I’ve never carried credit in my lifetime!) I was instantly approved! This surprised me, because I’ve never had any credit whatsoever!

The Reading Residence


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