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Thursday Lister: things that should make Google’s next kill list!

Well some of them might already be on that list.

  1. Google plus! We know that Google will no longer be requiring you to use Google+ for Youtube, and anything else for that matter. It’s time to just say that Google Plus was one of those failed experiments that Google tries quite often, and throw it in the trash!
  2. Feedburner! Simply because Google broke the APIs for Feedburner when it so brutally killed reader back in July 2013. In retrospect, the death of reader was a good thing, because it allowed people to start developing with RSS again, (a lot of RSS services exist now, probably a lot more than did back in 2013!) However, Google just needs to kill Feedburner because they aren’t doing anything with it, and it’s broken anyway! There are some feedburner alternatives if you look for them, and I’m sure a lot more would come around if/when Google announces the death of feedburner!
  3. Alerts!! Oh man, that’s another broken service if there ever was one! First of all, the alerts can give you any number of results, (because they don’t use exact matching,) so you can get thousands of results,) however, the alerts just don’t come for a lot of people, (me included.)
  4. Google Voice, because they already integrated it into hangouts last year. So why keep 2 services? Why not pull a Skype and just have one service that does Video calls?
  5. Blogger! Why? Well, because we already know Google doesn’t like RSs that much, if they don’t like RSs that much, that means they really don’t like Bloggers all that much, either.
  6. Google analytics! Because the whole flippin thing is flash now!

OK, that’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure there are plenty more things Google should definitely shut down!

WOTW: moving!

Yeah, the day has arrived! At last and finally! The day when I can start moving stuff into my apartment, the day when I can begin the process of moving out of my parent’s house, (thank God,) because just today my mother was telling me not to be stubborn just because I wanted to put the freezer somewhere different than she did! Of course, when they get back from taking the first load of stuff, I get a huge lecture about how I should get an apartment on the ground floor next time! Well, I’m sorry, it’s probably never going to happen, both because I don’t plan to move out of that one anytime soon, and because ground floor apartments are very hard to come by. If my perfect princess mother thought it was going to be an issue moving everything up to the top floor, (I guess the stairs are fairly narrow,) then why did she even say yes to me getting this apartment? I mean she could have looked at the stairs and said no.
My other WOTW for this week is “surveillance.” My doctor has me tracking fluid intake and urine output for 3 days, and I feel like I’m living in some version of Orwell’s 1984! My parents happen to be gone right now, (they have been since 5 PM PDT,) I told mom that once they left I was going to take the collector out, and we were going to be done, (technically, it’s been 3 days.) She was like “why?” She wanted me to let it fill up while they were gone, all for the sake of surveillance! If any doctor ever asks you “is that too much to ask? Always, always answer “yes!!” Never be an idiot and answer no like I did! I regret that now!

The Reading Residence

Yeah… it’s too much to ask!!!

When I saw my doctor on July 14th, she asked me to track my fluid intake and urine output for 3 days. Then she asked, “is that too much to ask?” Not to mention the fact that an order like this severely invades my privacy, because the collection unit has to be read and measured by someone else, there’s the fact that I… well… literally am not allowed to go to the bathroom without the collector! There’s also the fact that I’m not allowed to have a drink of any kind without knowing how many ounces it contains, (this is really difficult at some sit-down restaurants where they serve drinks in glasses,) not only that, but the amount I drink has to be written down as well. Besides finding out about the NSA leaks, this is probably the most surveillance I’ve ever personally endured. I told my mom, (as I was going to the bathroom in lows, because she refused to bring the collector with us, as I did earlier when I took a trip to the property management agency,) that I very much regretted answering “no” to the doctor’s question. I even came up with a list about it.

  • When your mom refuses to take the collector with you because she doesn’t want to clean it, and you have to go to the bathroom really bad, yeah… it’s way way, way too much to ask!
  • When you have to wait hours for the collector to be emptied so you can use it again, only to have the amount measured and written down, yeah… it’s way, way, way too much to ask!
  • When you have to ask the waitress how many ounces a drink is, (because you have to track! absolutely! everything! and she doesn’t know, (because it’s being served in a glass,) yeah… it’s definitely too much to ask!
  • When you live your life hour by hour, because you’re constantly wondering if your mom is going to come back in and empty the collector, yeah… it’s definitely way, way, way too much to ask!

Thursday Lister: tips for making a 101 in 1001 list.

So I decided to change the name of my new, upcoming meme/project-thingy from “Thursday Things,” to “Thursday Lister,” because it definitely describes what it is. Remember, the object of this is well… simply to make a list! The list can have 3 items on it, or it can have 3333, there really is no limit! Of course, it would be counterintuitive just to make a list with a single item on it. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use a subdomain, or get a domain for the lister yet, and I haven’t started the linkup yet, (I’ll be using Mister linky, because that’s the easiest service to use, and it offers the most features while still being very simple!) So here I go with my list!
tips for making a 101 in 1001 list.

  1. Don’t put “come up with 101 things” on your list of 101 things. Obviously you’ve already completed that goal before the list is ready to publish, (you’ve already made sure the list was organized, it wasn’t missing any numbers, etc,) so it just wastes space on your list.
  2. It isn’t really necessary to use catigories. I’m not saying it’s particularly bad or good, I’m just saying you don’t have to put extra effort into categorizing your list if you’re in a hurry to get it published, (if you just finished the list the day you’re planning to start it, for instance.)
  3. It isn’t always necessary to start the list on January 1st. You’re birthday, a holiday, an anniversary, or a perfectly random day is just as good a time to start the list as any! In fact, I’m starting my list on August 5th, which was actually… well… not a good day in 2013, that’s the day that civil sanctions were handed down in the legal case I was following. I picked that day to start my list because I kept putting it off, and I didn’t want to start it on my birthday, (which was August 25th,) because that was too far out for some of my goals, but the beginning of August wasn’t.
  4. This is just my opinion, but I think it’s fine to put extra goals on the list. For me personally, I’m going to have something like 120 goals on my list, and give myself until August 5th, 2018 to complete it. It isn’t one of those “oh, I’ll get to this someday” kind of lists, I still have a deadline. I have goals that I’ll be looking to start in the next couple months, (I know I’ll be able to complete at least 2 or 3 right away!)
  5. Maybe this is stating the obvious, but don’t make the list the day you’re planning to start it. For me at least, it’s taken a while to come up with that many things to do, and think about whether or not they’d actually be realistic for me. If you try and make your list the day it starts, you’re most likely just taking whatever you find out there and throwing it on your list. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I definitely did some of that! I looked for things that I thought I wanted to try just for fun, or that I thought might be a bit of a challenge, or something I saw on someone’s list that I thought hmm, that looks interesting I think I’ll try that too, but I have plenty of my own things on there as well.
  6. Numbering is important, it wasn’t on a 101 in 1001 list, but I saw someone’s life list that had like 3 of the same number goals, and they were all blank! Try not to put blank goals on your list, (although that does lead me into my next tip.)
  7. A few private goals here and there are OK, (3-5,) but reading a list full of them is not exactly fun for the reader! If you want to make a list of private goals just for yourself, then you probably should do that, or maybe put the private ones as extras, (in addition to the 101 goals,) at the end.)

This will be my second attempt at a 101 in 1001-like challenge! Last time, I think I only completed like 40 goals on the list. This time, I’m taking the “put a whole bunch of goals on the list, and complete as many as I can!” approach.

At last! Moving day is near!

The property management agency called me today, to tell me that the apartment passed inspection! This means i’ll officially have the keys on Friday when I go to sign the contract, and pay first month’s rent, and security deposit. I called Charter tonight to try to get the internet set up, but they said they couldn’t give me internet service there, because there’s another company already providing service. I’m 99.9999999% sure that isn’t the case, and that that person was completely wrong! I have another post coming up with tips for making a 101 in 1001 list.

Crap mom says…

Lol, mom and I were having a strange conversation today about well… toylet paper of all things. She was going on and on about how she thinks it should be put on the rack! She said she saw a post on Facebook about how when toylet paper was invented in 1891 something about the section where you grab from should be on the top. Honestly, I stopped listening after that, because I really didn’t care! You really shouldn’t believe every single thing you read on Facebook anyway! Lol, my mom is weird like that… she’s ultra-picky about some things, and couldn’t really care less about others. She gives me a really hard time about the way my caregiver cleans my apartment, but she leaves a dirty pot on the stove for days, clean dishes in the dishwasher, and clothes in the dryer!

WOTW: waiting…

I finished submitting all my paperwork to the housing authority last week, I’m now waiting for them to schedule an inspection. As soon as we hear back as to whether the apartment passes the inspection, I’ll be able to move in! I’ve also now finished my 101 in 1001 list, (and I’m waiting for my start date of 8/5 to come!) The list does need a bit of reorganizing,) but I’ll be doing that in the next 2-3 days or so. Is it strange that I finished my 101 things in 1001 days list… with 102 goals on the list? Hah, I think that’s kind of funny!

The Reading Residence

I uninstalled flash yesterday.

Flash is insecure, it was recently revealed that a state-sponsored hacking company was using a 0day exploit that was either unknown to Adobe, (or known but something they didn’t want to fix,) for 4 years. Remote execution vulnerabilities are all too common, but that’s what this was. Adobe is supposed to be fixing this one today. However, I don’t find the updating process convenient at all! I’ve tried to allow Adobe to install automatic updates numerous times, but it just won’t! Flash isn’t really necessary anymore, Firefox has stopped supporting it in the latest version, and a security officer from Facebook has called for it to die. Youtube uses HTML5 now, and so does pretty much everyone else, (except a few holdouts.) I’ve uninstalled it from my system, and disabled the plugin in Chrome. Adobe provides instructions on how to uninstall flash. Here are Google’s instructions on how to disable flash in Chrome. I haven’t had too much of a problem not running flash, I did notice one site that used it today, and that site just displayed a bit of code instead of the flash. It wasn’t the whole site, (just a section on the site.) This is fine to me, because I’d rather be secure, and have a few sites not work, than have to go through the inconvenience of updating flash every month or so, (and knowing that it’s still possibly insecure.) Not only that, but watching Youtube actually works better for me in HTML5 than it does using flash!

WOTW: busy!

As you probably know from the list I wrote on Thursday, there’s a lot going on here at my parent’s house! I didn’t just move in and lock myself in my parent’s basement! I had a convention I was streaming all week last week, Melissa, (my caregiver,) came for the first time on Wednesday, (and we went and did a whole bunch of things that need to get done that day,) she also came and did cleaning again on Thursday. I didn’t have her come on Friday, because I thought the convention general session was going to go all day! Well it’s a good thing it didn’t, and it’s a good thing I didn’t have her come!
I called my very soon-to-be property management agency yesterday, and the apartment was ready for me to walk through! Mom bundled my 3-yearr-old niece into her car seat, and it was off we went to get the keys!!! Let’s make a long story short by saying the apartment is very big, (I think it’s even bigger than the listing said it was.) Oh and I’ll definitely be able to fit my desk in my living room! One of the things I didn’t want to do was have to put the desk in the second bedroom, because that’s where I spend most of my time. I didn’t particularly want to isolate and/or confine myself. It also does come with a built-in AC, (which wasn’t on the list!) This means I can probablhy bring my freestander AC, and use it for my bedroom.

The Reading Residence

ThursdayLister: Things that have happened here the past 4 days.

It’s definitely been a busy first few days here at my parent’s house! I’ve decided to make a list of things that have happened.

  1. I’m all moved out of my old apartment! That happened last night, (with the last of the stuff coming to the house in dad’s utility trailer.)
  2. Melissa came for the first time yesterday. We definitely had fun running around. We picked up prescriptions, got a change-of-address form, and went to WalMart, not only that, but she managed to fill out said form, and start laundry in the time she was here, (we weren’t sure how long my parent’s washer would take, so she put it on normal wash and it took too long for the time she had left… woops!)
  3. Throughout the time I’ve been here, I’ve been listening to the American Counsel of the Blind national convention, which I do every year. Tomorrow is their last general session, (but it’s the big genral session that goes on all day, (well… until 3 anyway,) so I asked if Melissa could come back today.
  4. Sleep has been interesting, last night, I slept through the start of the general session! Well… they’re in Dalass, so their on central time, (which means the sessions are starting at 6:30 in the morning pacific time.) The past couple days before that, I was getting up at 5:30. I think I slept 6 hours the night before last, and about 4 hours the night before that. I didn’t sleep very well at all the first night, for several reasons.
  5. I’ve been working on my 101 things in 1001 days list a lot! Mostly reorganizing the list, as it’s pretty much a mess! I’m not planning to use catigories, but I am planning to have things somewhat organized…
  6. Posting to both blogs will probably be sporadic for a while while I’m here, as I just can’t predict what will happen when.
  7. I was able to get a bit of worship time in while mom went to get the kids a couple days ago, I’d like to get more in while I’m here.
  8. I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that my parents have both back and front porches, and have started taking some time outside. It might only be about 15-20 minutes a day, but I enjoy sitting out there, (when it isn’t extremely warm out!)
  9. Baby sitting has been happening here, as my mother has volunteered to watch my sister’s boyfriend’s kids every other week this summer. This is her week to baby sit, and that makes for both fun and stressful times for me.
  10. After I move, I’d like to start something that I’m tentatively calling “Thursday things,” I know… I know, I’ve started a couple memes/blog LinkUps, and they never took off. This is just going to be basically a copycat of Thursday 13, except for one thing, just make a list! Write about whatever you want, with however many items you want! Link to it on your blog and then come back and submit here, of course I’ll let those who don’t have a blog participate in the comments. This is my first edition of Thursday things! I might call it something else though, something with “list” in the name.