WOTW: moving!

Yeah, the day has arrived! At last and finally! The day when I can start moving stuff into my apartment, the day when I can begin the process of moving out of my parent’s house, (thank God,) because just today my mother was telling me not to be stubborn just because I wanted to put … [Read more…]

Thursday Lister: tips for making a 101 in 1001 list.

So I decided to change the name of my new, upcoming meme/project-thingy from “Thursday Things,” to “Thursday Lister,” because it definitely describes what it is. Remember, the object of this is well… simply to make a list! The list can have 3 items on it, or it can have 3333, there really is no limit! … [Read more…]

At last! Moving day is near!

The property management agency called me today, to tell me that the apartment passed inspection! This means i’ll officially have the keys on Friday when I go to sign the contract, and pay first month’s rent, and security deposit. I called Charter tonight to try to get the internet set up, but they said they … [Read more…]

Crap mom says…

Lol, mom and I were having a strange conversation today about well… toylet paper of all things. She was going on and on about how she thinks it should be put on the rack! She said she saw a post on Facebook about how when toylet paper was invented in 1891 something about the section … [Read more…]

I uninstalled flash yesterday.

Flash is insecure, it was recently revealed that a state-sponsored hacking company was using a 0day exploit that was either unknown to Adobe, (or known but something they didn’t want to fix,) for 4 years. Remote execution vulnerabilities are all too common, but that’s what this was. Adobe is supposed to be fixing this one … [Read more…]

WOTW: busy!

As you probably know from the list I wrote on Thursday, there’s a lot going on here at my parent’s house! I didn’t just move in and lock myself in my parent’s basement! I had a convention I was streaming all week last week, Melissa, (my caregiver,) came for the first time on Wednesday, (and … [Read more…]

ThursdayLister: Things that have happened here the past 4 days.

It’s definitely been a busy first few days here at my parent’s house! I’ve decided to make a list of things that have happened. I’m all moved out of my old apartment! That happened last night, (with the last of the stuff coming to the house in dad’s utility trailer.) Melissa came for the first … [Read more…]

I’m all moved in!

Well… almost anyway. There’s still some stuff left at my apartment that we weren’t able to fit into the 2 Uhall trailers that we rented. Yeah, I said 2 Uhall trailers! I do have a huge computer desk, (and a treadmill that I’m giving to my parents after buying my elliptical,) so those both had … [Read more…]

WOTW: packing!

We did a lot of packing this week, it’s all finished, except for the things I’ll be packing tomorrow, (which is the day I’m moving out of here.) My mother wanted to hire a cleaning agency to clean this apartment, the first one was going to charge me $547, and the second one was going … [Read more…]