WOTW: busy!

As you probably know from the list I wrote on Thursday, there’s a lot going on here at my parent’s house! I didn’t just move in and lock myself in my parent’s basement! I had a convention I was streaming all week last week, Melissa, (my caregiver,) came for the first time on Wednesday, (and we went and did a whole bunch of things that need to get done that day,) she also came and did cleaning again on Thursday. I didn’t have her come on Friday, because I thought the convention general session was going to go all day! Well it’s a good thing it didn’t, and it’s a good thing I didn’t have her come!
I called my very soon-to-be property management agency yesterday, and the apartment was ready for me to walk through! Mom bundled my 3-yearr-old niece into her car seat, and it was off we went to get the keys!!! Let’s make a long story short by saying the apartment is very big, (I think it’s even bigger than the listing said it was.) Oh and I’ll definitely be able to fit my desk in my living room! One of the things I didn’t want to do was have to put the desk in the second bedroom, because that’s where I spend most of my time. I didn’t particularly want to isolate and/or confine myself. It also does come with a built-in AC, (which wasn’t on the list!) This means I can probablhy bring my freestander AC, and use it for my bedroom.

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