WOTW: moving!

Yeah, the day has arrived! At last and finally! The day when I can start moving stuff into my apartment, the day when I can begin the process of moving out of my parent’s house, (thank God,) because just today my mother was telling me not to be stubborn just because I wanted to put the freezer somewhere different than she did! Of course, when they get back from taking the first load of stuff, I get a huge lecture about how I should get an apartment on the ground floor next time! Well, I’m sorry, it’s probably never going to happen, both because I don’t plan to move out of that one anytime soon, and because ground floor apartments are very hard to come by. If my perfect princess mother thought it was going to be an issue moving everything up to the top floor, (I guess the stairs are fairly narrow,) then why did she even say yes to me getting this apartment? I mean she could have looked at the stairs and said no.
My other WOTW for this week is “surveillance.” My doctor has me tracking fluid intake and urine output for 3 days, and I feel like I’m living in some version of Orwell’s 1984! My parents happen to be gone right now, (they have been since 5 PM PDT,) I told mom that once they left I was going to take the collector out, and we were going to be done, (technically, it’s been 3 days.) She was like “why?” She wanted me to let it fill up while they were gone, all for the sake of surveillance! If any doctor ever asks you “is that too much to ask? Always, always answer “yes!!” Never be an idiot and answer no like I did! I regret that now!

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  • Noelle

    Well, it was definitely the surveillance! I now have a doctor that doesn't particularly care about her patient's privacy, which is kind of scary! I know that when she gave the order, she understood that someone else would have to measure everything and write it down, but I don't particularly think she cared. The moving/unpacking process should only take about 3-5 days, (hopefully!) After which I don't particularly want to have dealings with my parents for a while! In other words, I want them to not come over there for about a week or so after I move in.

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    What a week! I'm not sure what would stress me more, the moving or the surveillance! Hope it all goes well, thanks for sharing with #WotW

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