WOTW: progress!

I’m definitely making progress on the things on my list of things to do in 3 years! Here’s a link to the list.
I got my head shaved last weekend! I’ll be uploading the pictures to prove it! That makes completed goal number 2! I started counseling last week, I had my first session last Wednesday, I’m not quite sure when to mark the goal complete, (maybe after I’ve attended the first 5 sessions,) then the counselor said I can start seeing him twice a month. I really wanted to see a Christian counselor, and I really do like him! He’s a really nice guy, (and old enough to be my dad, but a few years younger than him.) I’ll be completing at least 4 more goals on the list this week! I’m going to Best Buy and getting the speakers, and the keyboard for my phone, I’m also doing Linkday next Saturday! I’ve ordered a mount that looks like it will clip to my desk, so I can stream while I’m posting links. If you want to watch me post links next weekend, follow me on Meerkat right here. I’ll also be attempting to post here while I’m posting links, (not every half hour by any means! If you go to linkday.net and look at the status survey that I just posted, I’ll be trying my best to answer those questions here every 3-4 hours. Time most likely will slip away however, so I won’t be surprised if I miss a couple.

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  • Noelle

    Yeah it is! However, the fude with my mother is still ongoing, oh well, hopefully I'll be able to get that situation resolved by taking my counselor's advice. He says I'll have to talk to her eventually, but right now every time I do, all she wants to do is argue with me!

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    That is a lot of progress in just one week, well done, you! Hope next week goes well for you, too 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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