Thursday lister: final preparations!

I’m making final preparations for Saturday! Here’s a list of things I still need to do before staying up for 24 hours to post links:

  1. Make pages for the status surveys that I put up on linkday. net last weekend. I managed to post them, but didn’t get around to making pages out of them, (this is because WP stupidly makes you post, and then make a page separately.)
  2. Set up the new computer speakers I got yesterday! Lol mostly so that I don’t have to hear mine pop whenever JAWS says a word these speakers don’t think they like.
  3. Call dominos to see if they’ll deliver here. OK, I actually have to do this tomorrow because well… I now live in a quite smaller town than what I used to live in, (only about a thousand or so people.) The town I used to live in is only a couple miles away, but if they won’t deliver, we’ll need to go pick up Saturday night’s dinner tomorrow.
  4. Test the car mount for my phone. The mount I ordered has an impact on the VoiceOver volume somehow, and I’ve had to restore 3 times because of it. Fortunately, they sent me a car mount as well.
  5. Reinstall Meerkat, because I wasn’t able to restore any of my backups, so I lost all data.

I completed my last link-gathering session for this year, and I’m pretty sure I have close to 200 links! I won’t need that many, I’ll only need 100 this time. When it comes time to do the LinkWeekend though, (400 links in 48 hours,) I’ll probably have to start gathering links in March or April, (if the challenge is going to be in July.)

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    […] THURSDAY LISTER: FINAL PREPARATIONS! This is a list I made on my personal blog. It’s just a few things I need to do tomorrow, so Saturday will run smoothely! On a related note, the Blot developer didn’t get his WP importer finished, that = why I’m still on WP, otherwise I’d probably be dealing with RSS feed redirects etc. That’s OK, because fortunately WP still has the manual post editor, and it works wonders for posting links! […]

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