It’s been quite the weekend!

I brought home a cat on Friday! Yes… yes I did! We checked the mail to make sure I had the letter from the psychiatrist who evaluated me on Wednesday, and it was there! So we first headed to the property management agency to drop off the letter. It was get in, sign paperwork, and … [Read more…]

I had a psych eval today…

Yes… yes I did! I survived, and I’m not crazy! Lol I went to see a psychiatrist to see if I could get a note for a companion animal! I should have the letter I’ll need to take to my landlord by next week! I’ve always said there were 2 things I could never do, … [Read more…]

WOTW: Headache.

I tried to think of a word for this week, “uneventful” came to mind. It wasn’t extremely boring, it just wasn’t extremely exciting either. However, I’ve had a headache all this week! That’s why I’ve been neglecting the blog, and that’s my word of the week. Yeah, I skipped the lister this week, because nothing … [Read more…]

Big list of list updates, otherwise known as the late Thursday lister…

So yeah, I thought about doing this on Thursday, but I want to stick to doing list updates on the 5th of each month, and couldn’t think of anything else to make a list about. That’s why I skipped the lister this week! So here’s the big list of list updates, (the list is right … [Read more…]