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The last day!

It’s the last day of October! I do have a question, BethAnne from Beth Anne’s Best left a comment and asked what kind of things my caregiver does for me. Mostly it’s laundry and cleaning kind of things. She also helps with errands, like picking up perscriptions, and going to the bank for quarters when we run out, (my laundry facility is coin-operated.) She also does grocery shopping, (I go with her of course,) we make a list and plan out what I want for a 3 week cycle. She does the cooking once a week, and I usually buy frozen meals and other things for lunches.
Since today is the very last day of the challenge, you’d think I wouldn’t want to do the blogging challenge thing for a while right? Hah! I’ve decided to take both this blog and my linkblog, through NaBloPoMo, which starts tomorrow. This is in an effort to prepare myself for blog365 next year. Blog365 used to actually be an official thing, but I did it on my own in 2011, (because it doesn’t really exist anymore, that I know of.)

Strange questions.

So I was going to make this a Thursday lister post, but I’m not sure if I can think of enough things to actually make a list. I was also going to call this post “questions I don’t particularly like answering,” then I realized these are just obvious questions. These are strange “how do you” type questions, like “how do you wash your hands?” Someone has actually asked me that question, (although it was a long time ago.) Lol come to think of it, I think someone asked me something like, “how do you put on underwear?” once. Lol I hate to state the obvious, but ya know…
Then there are the ASL? type questions you get when live streaming. Oh man do I hate answering those questions! I keep my profile fairly anonymous for a reason, and that’s because there are people I know, (hint hint, family!) who don’t approve of me live streaming in the first place, so I have to be careful what kind of information I give out. No, I’m not going to give you my Skype/Facebook/messenger information just because we started following each other on Twitter, and we’ve exchanged a few messages here and there. Lol I probably get asked for that information more than you think.

Day 28: misconceptions.

What are misconceptions sighted people often have about blind people?

I think the biggest misconception right now is that we all have non-24 in some shape or form. I know someone that has it, and I know a blind person that doesn’t have it, so I think it’s about 50-50. Even when I went to the doctor, he thought I had non-24, it turned out to be the antidepressants that his brother put me on because my mother thought I was depressed.
Another big one is that we all want to see some kind of cure. There are some who do, but there are a lot of us who are fine just the way we are. Yet another one is that we’re all extraordinary people, who do extraordinary things. Don’t get me wrong, a few of us have done extraordinary things, (Erik Weihenmayer climbed Mount Everest for instance, (Wikipedia link) but most of us are ordinary, everyday people. Lol don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of adventures, (I’ve been skydiving twice!) However, that just means I like to have some fun once in a while.
Despite not having anymore questions prepared, I do have a post planned for tomorrow, expect a list post!

Delaying the question.

I was supposed to answer my last question tonight but it’s one of those questions that needs a really long answer! I’ve been dealing with the passage of CISA all day, (I’m still in the middle of posting things to my linkblog about that,) so I’ll get back to posting things tomorrow. CISA= Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.

Day 26: picturing things.

When you imagine things, do you picture them?

If someone describes an image well enough, I can usually picture it. This tends to happen mostly when I’m reading though, , (it happens a lot when reading revilations, for instance.) It can also happen if I’m reading a very detailed legal document/brief, if the document is written with enough detail, I can usually picture certain things, (this especially happens with transcripts.) If you’ve ever gotten the feeling like you’re reading a movie script, and you can just imagine being there while everything’s happening, that’s what it’s like.
Just a bit of a side note, I’ll be reaching the end of my prepared questions tomorrow night. I have a post planned for the next day, after that I really don’t have any plans.

Day 25: support groups.

Are you a member of any support groups dealing with blindness/vision loss?

I’ve never actually been a member of any blindness-related support groups, but I know they exist. We have one here locally, (or at least we did a few years ago.) I suppose I’m the kind of person that finds bible studies and home fellowships more interesting, (I’ve participated in a couple of them.) Lol, I remember when the person from my church asked me this question, he said, “why not?” I suppose the answer is I guess I’ve never felt the need to sit for hours and talk about being blind. There are people who want to do that, and that’s perfectly fine with me!

Day 24: anger/depression.

Have you ever been angry and/or depressed about being blind?

Another question that came from my Voat AMA! Since I was born blind, and I’ve been this way all my life, I haven’t been majorly angry or depressed about it. Have I had days when I’ve asked God why I’ve had to go through certain experiences? Of course I have, I think everyone does that! I’m not sure if the experience is different for others who are born blind, or if it’s different for those who loos their sight later in life. I’ve actually talked to some people who say that they do go through a time of depression while adjusting.

Day 23: Echolocation.

Can you Echolocate?

Someone asked me this question when I did my AMA on Voat. I’ve never really used the actual technique that you see on TV, but I can offer a bit of an explanation as to how the technique works. Air bounces off things, and if you really listen you can hear that, (yeah, even without the strange tongue clicking sound.) I know my computer screen is sitting in front of me without having to reach up and touch it for instance, because of the way the air bounces off of it, (it creates a sensation of sitting behind something big.) Of course things are different in different rooms and/or areas, if you’ve ever heard someone do an audio recording using an internal laptop microphone for instance, it might sound like they’re in the bathroom. That’s actually what it sounds like when I’m in my bathroom, (big and open.)
By the way, if you have any questions for me please leave them in the comments of any post, (Disqus emails me every time so I’ll get them.) You can also tweet me at: Webgurl

Day 22: balance.

Today my counselor asked me an interesting question that I’m not asked very often, so I thought I’d address it here.

Do you find it hard to keep your balance?

Not usually, unless I have a really bad headache, then I tend to get slightly off-balance. When I’m attempting yoga poses or ballet steps, (something I don’t do regularly,) my balance can also be a bit off. This can also happen when doing my 24 hour events, it tends to happen around 2-3 in the morning. I think it comes down to practice, like I said last night. I’ve been doing it all my life, so I’m just used to it.

Day 21: senses.

Do you have sharper or heightened senses because of your blindness?

A lot of people ask me this question, in several different ways. “Is your hearing better than all your other senses?” Actually, I’d have to say that my long-term memory is better than anything! I’m just good at remembering things, but not good at remembering what I had for lunch a week ago yesterday. My caregiver and I have a running joke, well, I have better hearing, and she has better smell.
I wouldn’t say that my hearing is better as a direct result of my blindness. I’d say it’s just simply a result of a lot of practice, (well-training.) If you practice a lot at anything you’re going to get to be an expert in that area. If you get the chance to practice from birth, it just becomes natural after a while.