Day 23: Echolocation.

Can you Echolocate?

Someone asked me this question when I did my AMA on Voat. I’ve never really used the actual technique that you see on TV, but I can offer a bit of an explanation as to how the technique works. Air bounces off things, and if you really listen you can hear that, (yeah, even without the strange tongue clicking sound.) I know my computer screen is sitting in front of me without having to reach up and touch it for instance, because of the way the air bounces off of it, (it creates a sensation of sitting behind something big.) Of course things are different in different rooms and/or areas, if you’ve ever heard someone do an audio recording using an internal laptop microphone for instance, it might sound like they’re in the bathroom. That’s actually what it sounds like when I’m in my bathroom, (big and open.)
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