The last day!

It’s the last day of October! I do have a question, BethAnne from Beth Anne’s Best left a comment and asked what kind of things my caregiver does for me. Mostly it’s laundry and cleaning kind of things. She also helps with errands, like picking up perscriptions, and going to the bank for quarters when we run out, (my laundry facility is coin-operated.) She also does grocery shopping, (I go with her of course,) we make a list and plan out what I want for a 3 week cycle. She does the cooking once a week, and I usually buy frozen meals and other things for lunches.
Since today is the very last day of the challenge, you’d think I wouldn’t want to do the blogging challenge thing for a while right? Hah! I’ve decided to take both this blog and my linkblog, through NaBloPoMo, which starts tomorrow. This is in an effort to prepare myself for blog365 next year. Blog365 used to actually be an official thing, but I did it on my own in 2011, (because it doesn’t really exist anymore, that I know of.)

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