I’m officially sick.

That’s why I haven’t been posting the past couple days. I have to go out of town tomorrow for my doctor’s appointment. I’ve also officially decided not to participate in Febooary, after reading this little post. There’s one word that sticks out there, “non-mandatory.” Um… I’m sorry, but you can’t legally require me to answer … [Read more…]

Today and tomorrow.

I finally got my lab tests done! I did eat before I went though, so my blood sugar might be a bit high, last time this happened, my primary doctor got a bit paranoid. Fortunately, I’m not seeing my primary doctor. After that we had to make a quick trip to Wallgreens, I discovered I … [Read more…]

The wasted trip.

When I schedule my out-of-town doctor’s appointments, they always tell me to go have blood tests taken a week prior to the appointment. I tried to do that today, but for some strange and unknown reason, the lab order wasn’t in the system here. I ended up having to call the doctor’s office, and have … [Read more…]

Strange TV issues.

Well actually, I blame my kitty for causing the issues. He decided to start playing with the cord for my digital antenna, so I put the cord underneath it. Unfortunately, this caused the antenna to flake out for some reason, (it wasn’t sitting on a flat surface, most likely.) I wasn’t getting my local CBS … [Read more…]

This is my 1750th post!

I also skipped last night’s post because I fell asleep, so I needed to make it up. I did one of those things where I fell asleep on the couch, but once I hit the bed, it took forever for me to get to sleep! I’m definitely not a fan of those things!

Planning Febooary topics.

I’m planning to participate in Febooary, (like I usually do,) but this time, I’m going to be planning my own topics. That way I won’t just have to wing it when I decide not to answer the question provided. I’ll be posting them on Sound Upload, and archiving them here as I usually do.


I ended up falling asleep on the couch last night. I wanted to go right back to sleep, so I just shut everything down. I should’ve written a post, but I didn’t. I’ve had this problem where when I wake myself up I’ve had trouble getting back to sleep, so I really didn’t want to … [Read more…]

random thoughts.

I should get back to the Thursday lister. I want to bake something, that just sounds fun right now, unfortunately I don’t have the stuff for baking, and I won’t be going shopping for a while. My dad tried to set up my digital antenna yesterday, he failed to get it working. I think it’s … [Read more…]

Late list updates!

I’m finally getting around to doing list updates for this month! Yeah they’re extremely late!Goals started: 22. Do blog 365 again, starting January 1st, 2016. I obviously started this one on 1/1. 74. Get a new Christmas tree, and put it up at least twice during the 3 years. We put the tree up on … [Read more…]

Package update!

I finally got the packages I’ve been waiting for! This is a good thing, because if I didn’t get them today, I would’ve had to wait until Monday, which with my cat acting the way he’s acting at night, I really don’t want to do that! One of the things I ordered was cat calming … [Read more…]