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Let’s make a list!

I think I have enough here to make a list, so let’s do it!

  1. Apple won it’s case in ny! Apple is fighting like 9 or 10 other court orders besides the one in California, so today Magistrate Judge James Orenstein basically told the government where to shuv the all writs act! Lol OK, he’s a judge, he writes legal documents for a living, besides the ridiculousness of the appeals court judge on the Fourth Circuit who decided to use the phrase, “on-again, off-again relationship,” in a legal ruling, most legal documents are written very professionally, (again, except that ridiculous one!) He didn’t say, take the all writs act and put it where the sun don’t shine of course, but he did say the FBI can’t legislate by motion, and I can’t legislate from the bentch.
  2. I met with a tax accountant for the first time today. I wasn’t sure if I needed to file taxes, and no one could answer that question, so I actually had to go meet with a tax accountant. It turns out that I’m a couple thousand dollars under, so I don’t have to file!
  3. I got my haircut today! It was kind of unexpected really, we didn’t have all that much to do after I met with the tax accountant, so we went to have ice cream, then we went over to the hair salon, (I go to Perfect Look, so it’s by walk-in only.)
  4. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday! If you live in a Super Tuesday state, please, please, please go vote!Lol I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but I think you probably know by now that I’m not a huge Trump fan. Unfortunately I don’t live in one of the states that will be voting tomorrow, or anytime in the near future, (our primary isn’t until the literal end!)

Today at church.

Lol, you probably think this is going to be one of those long treatises about one of my pastor’s sermons or something. Hah, it’s definitely not one of those! Today at church, we had our first ever family luncheon, it was a lot of fun! We had a cowboy/farmer theme, and my pastor played the role of the head farmer, (something he actually does quite well… hmm…) Of course he backs that up by saying he’s fully qualified because he spent a few years in one of the southern states, (which makes him waayy more qualified than I am!) They’re planning on the next one being a fiesta, and wow do I love Mexican food! They gave away prizes to well… just about everyone so I even won a prize hah, I never win anything so yay lol!

I’m so not excited about tomorrow night!

Lol because the Oscars are tomorrow night. I watched them last year, because Citizenfour was nominated, (and won!) This year, I don’t have anything like that to look forward to, so I’m just like blah! I’m not even going to watch this year, which means I have to stay away from Twitter for most of tomorrow night, because everyone tweets about it. So yeah, I’m not much looking forward to tomorrow night.
On an unrelated note, my Twitter search for #NeverTrump currently contains 29879 items! This is just for today, because I’m using a buggy Twitter client that whipes out the search results every time I shut down, and starts them all over.

Twitter hilarity is ensuing!

Everyone should go do a search for #NeverTrump! Some tweets are hilarious, a lot are right on point! Lol, I’m having too much fun watching tweets to go to bed now, hah!

I had brief reading times today!

Oh yes, yes I did! It was an epic 65 page response from Apple. Actually, it was a motion to vacate, (which is written exactly like a brief. I particularly had fun reading the supporting declarations, which basically said the FBI had no idea what it was doing, and in a nice way, they should probably take a long walk off a short pier! The motion/brief/response to the ridiculousness of an order to compel is right here.
A couple hours after that, I watched the debate throwdown. Lol, it was a hilarious throwdown! Marko Rubio and Ted Cruz went right after Trump, and trump kept interrupting them. If I were them, I would have said something like sit down and shut up, old man! Lol and then I would’ve laughed hilariously, because Donald Trump is the guy who throws ridiculous fits about everything! Hah but I think Ben Carsin probably had the funniest line of the night. He asked, “can somebody please attack me?” Lol because every time they kept going after each other, Rubio/Cruz/Trump would get extra time, Carsin didn’t get very much time to say much of anything, but then again, what would he do with all that extra time anyway?

TV season weirdness, and other things.

Is it becoming a trend that some TV shows are having their season finales in February or March? Or is it just me? Lol maybe it’s just me, but this is a trend I’m not all that thrilled with. Also is it just me, or should companies/agencies not send something that says “important legal document,” through the mail. I mean regular standard mail that is, if it was really such an “important legal document,” they probably should’ve sent me a certified letter. Lol because USPS tends to loos things, (my ballot got lost in the mail once!) Not only that, but I’m pretty sure that’s the procedure for sending legal documents. They either get sent as a certified letter, or you get to deal with a process server. If you’re in the middle of a case and having briefs filed on your behalf, you get to use the electronic filing system. If it’s a federal case anyway, (I’m not quite sure how state systems work.)

When a tweet says it all.

Yeah, I read a tweet this morning that made me ask the question, “how can 140 characters say so many words?” However, I can’t quote this tweet here, because the tweet in question has disappeared, along with the user who tweted it. That’s the thing that’s weird about Twitter, there can be tweets that you think, “oh I want to get this put somewhere, (bumpersticker, tShirt, etc,) and then there are the people who use Twitter to complain about everything. I learned a couple years ago, that you should never say you’re thankful for Twitter! I’ve met a couple friends because of it, but it also has it’s bad sides!

Yeah, I skipped last night’s post!

I had an extremely bad headache, (I still do!) so when it came to blogging last night, I was like blah I can’t think. I wish I didn’t have to have headaches all the time!

Why does Trump have to win everything?

Seriously! If you say you’re conservative and then you go and vote for Trump, well… you’re actually coting for a liveral! You’re also voting for someone who claims he’s a Christian, but who says proudly that he’s never repented, I’m not exactly sure how that’s possible, but if Christians want another atheist in office next year then go ahead. If you want someone who doesn’t even mention the constitution in his speeches, and says that Apple is doing the wrong thing by challenging a legal order for a backdoor, then vote for Trump! You’ll end up having a third surveillance lover as President!
On a completely unrelated note, I managed to stream the services that took place this morning for Justice Scalia. I’ve seen several catholic funerals in the past, (having personally been a part of one.) Although it’s very formal and inflexible, the Catholic liturgy does make for a very beautiful funeral service. I actually did this by accident, while turning on my CnN stream to start the primary coverage.

It’s 2/19.

I was going through my Febooary entries from last year and noticed that I didn’t post “yeah I’m still here.” I tweeted it, and it got uploaded to my public folder, (it’s still sitting there.) However, for some reason I didn’t end up posting it here. I’m not going to go through the thing of uploading to the server, (it’s already in my public folder,) so I’ll just give anyone who wants to listen to something from around exactly this time 3 years ago a public link, and you can listen from there. This is where the tradition of not skipping posts, (if I can avoid it,) originiated, it’s also where the tradition of the extremely quick OK I don’t want to skip this but I have nothing more to say, type post came from. Lol and after staying up for 24 hours last night because I had too much adrenalin from reading too many legal documents, (yeah, this can actually happen, it’s happened more than once!) Honestly, I’d like to find my bed rather quickly.