Today at church.

Lol, you probably think this is going to be one of those long treatises about one of my pastor’s sermons or something. Hah, it’s definitely not one of those! Today at church, we had our first ever family luncheon, it was a lot of fun! We had a cowboy/farmer theme, and my pastor played the … [Read more…]

When a tweet says it all.

Yeah, I read a tweet this morning that made me ask the question, “how can 140 characters say so many words?” However, I can’t quote this tweet here, because the tweet in question has disappeared, along with the user who tweted it. That’s the thing that’s weird about Twitter, there can be tweets that you … [Read more…]

It’s 2/19.

I was going through my Febooary entries from last year and noticed that I didn’t post “yeah I’m still here.” I tweeted it, and it got uploaded to my public folder, (it’s still sitting there.) However, for some reason I didn’t end up posting it here. I’m not going to go through the thing of … [Read more…]


I just posted the longest list of legal documents I think I’ve ever posted! In the ppast 36 hours, I’ve read and processed 7 legal documents! I tweeted that I think the entire Apple case file has taken up residence in my public folder, and it most definitely has! I put them all in the … [Read more…]

Thoughts on a pending legal case of epic proportions! Or huh? it really only took less than 2 years?

In a way, I’m not surprised that it took just a couple months under 2 years for the FBI to go drudging up old unresolved legal questions. Yet it’s been less than that even, because over the past 4 months, Apple has been challenging legal orders that are coming out of the Eastern District of … [Read more…]

Things from yesterday.

First, I got a letter from my insurance, saying that a request for a prescription was denied. My doctor wants to put me on growth hormone, (no, not my GP,) but it was denied because a prior authorization wasn’t obtained. I actually thought it was denied because there’s very little concrete evidence to support this … [Read more…]

Quick post!

Because I’m about to miss the deadline for publishing! Lots of interesting things happened today, I’ll write a longer post tomorrow, when I’m not distracted by going through all my email to find things, (as part of the things that happened,) and posting links.

9 down, 3 to go.

This is becoming an epically long primary season, (as far as debates go.) As in, this is a record number of debates for one side to have, (as far as I remember.) At the end of tonight’s CBS news debate, the moderator said there would be 3 more republican debates left in the primary season. … [Read more…]

Update failures.

So today I caused windows update failures. I was afraid I was going to get Windows 10 in this batch of updates that was installing, so I used GWX control panel to clear the update cache. The updates were waiting to install, (I hadn’t yet completed the restart ,) even after I cleared the cache, … [Read more…]

Primaries are fun!

Except for when your candidate doesn’t win, although I still like all the analysis of them. In other words, even if my candidate didn’t win, it was still fun to watch! Then there’s supposed to be another debate coming up Saturday night, I think this will be the eighth primary debate. I don’t ever remember … [Read more…]