The package came today.

A package of syringes came today, around 2:30. I was actually afraid it wasn’t going to get here in time. Lol Melissa saw the package, which said “refridgerate upon arrival,” and she said “this should be interesting to refridgerate.” I was like “you don’t have to put the whole thing in the fridge, we should … [Read more…]

A package is coming.

Otherwise known as, if it gives me wings, I’ll take it. Lol hah, I only wish the growth hormone injections I’m taking delivery of tomorrow would give me wings! Unfortunately, this all happened when I was looking at PACER yesterday. I had to set up delivery of the package, and then take a call from … [Read more…]

Plans for tomorrow.

I’m blog posting somewhat early, (lol, 10:45 is early,) because I’m going to be going to bed soon. We’re going to the early service as I said last week, and then going to breakfast after. Apparently my sister and mom decided that mom didn’t want to cook dinner, so we get to enjoy a breakfast … [Read more…]

Making Easter plans, and losing track of time.

Woops! I probably shouldn’t have let myself get distracted by cleaning out my SaveForLater folders, and lost track of time! I completely forgot that my publishing deadline was fast approaching! We’ve made Easter plans, because I needed to know what we were doing next weekend, so I could make arrangements. We’re going to the 9:00 … [Read more…]

My parent’s trial period.

My parent’s will be picking up my cat sometime next week. Mom said they’re going to agree to a trial period. She’s worried that the cat will be traumatized because of her dogs, and because he doesn’t like new people at first. I told her that she’s going to have to come when Melissa’s here … [Read more…]

This is just a quick post.

Because it’s already after midnight, and I need to get something published. I was busy catching up on posting links, and I kind of lost track of time. Woops! Guess that’s what happens when you’re following legal cases… huh? Lol, maybe I’ll finally! get to the list updates tomorrow? Then again, who knows! I’m hoping … [Read more…]

I fixed subtweeting!

Lol well if I could actually fix subtweeting I would! I fixed my issue with it. I’m talking about my definition of subtweeting, when people tweet about a topic without the associated hashtag. I’d say that I’ve been missing about 50% of the tweets that didn’t make it into my search because people fail to … [Read more…]