SSA and Medicare weirdness.

When I got my SSA increases almost a couple years ago now, they told me I’d become eligible for Medicare in a couple years. That starts on 4/1, and I’ve been sent several notices to prove it. So yesterday I get a call from the SSA, (I have it set up that they call me a few business days in advance of a notice arriving, and it gets read over the phone.) She says that I’m going to have to start receiving a different amount, and at first this was a bit confusing. When she mentioned the deduction of Medicare premiums, I was like wait a second, this isn’t supposed to happen!
I’m not sure if it happens anywhere else, but here if you’re ensured by the state, and you’re eligible for Medicare, you become what’s called “a dual patient.” This means that not only does the state pay premiums, it covers everything that Medicare won’t. When I called my caseworker to confirm this a couple months ago, she told me that I was correct, (I’ve known this was going to happen since about 2007 or so.) So when the lady on the phone was saying they were going to start deducting $121 in premiums, I was a bit confused. I thought they already knew that wasn’t going to happen. It turns out that I received a strange notice from the state about 10 days ago, saying that “we found out you’re eligible for Medicare, and we’ll be contacting you within 2 weeks.”
I happened to mention this to the representative, because she was asking me if I received anything from the state. She told me to either fax the notice to my local office, (I don’t have, and have never used a fax machine,) or take it to them. Just as Melissa and I were thinking about taking a trip with paperwork in hand, my caseworker called me, (it didn’t help that I’d already called her, and she was calling back.) She hadn’t sent any verification to them yet, and that’s what caused the notice to be sent, thus the call saying we’ll be deducting $121 in premiums from your check.

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