Things I need to do but haven’t gotten to.

Yeah, I haven’t done this Thursday lister thing for a while! I thought I’d actually make a list of something for once.

  1. List updates! I’ve been meaning to get to them! I really have, but when you’re trying to follow a legal case of epic proportions, on top of that you don’t sleep for a while, (headaches are for the birds!) oh and not only that I forgot to pay my rent this month, (I blame the FBI for that one!) you kind of forget things. Lol I joke about blaming the FBI, because last time I forgot to pay my rent, I was also following a legal case that well, had fairly hostile dealings with the FBI.
  2. Actually setting up this Thursday lister thing on a more permanent basis. I should probably keep doing it here for a while before I decide whether I’m going to set it up somewhere else.
  3. Planning this year’s Linkday. I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple weeks, (in between all the briefs I’ve been reading.) I did post on on Tuesday, the date of this year’s event will be 7/30, and I definitely will not be streaming that this year!
  4. Finding an alternative so I don’t have to deal with the crappyness, (oh, did I just do that?) that is WordPress on Linkday! I’m still waiting to move my blog over to well, any service with a WP importer at this point, (any service that will take straight HTML that is.) I thought the most promising of these services was Blot, but it’s been 7 months and I haven’t heard anything.
  5. Start a podcast. I would love to do this, (especially right now!) However, I’m not sure how/where to host the thing. I already have plenty of audio files archived here, and last year, BlueHost upgraded me to plus, I can’t afford to pay for their business package, which is $23 per month, so I probably wouldn’t be hosting the Podcast with Bluehost. I may eventually need to find a host that will do things in the $150/175 yearly price range, however what I’m asking of them for that price may just be too much.

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