Things I’ve been able to do this week.

Now that I’m less distracted, I can actually get more done.

  1. Researched Podcast hosting, I still have yet to look at YourListen, but I was looking at Podbean, and PodOMatic, and it looks like the limits are very low.
  2. Read RSS, well I’ve done this twice this week anyway, but for like 3 and a half hours each time.
  3. Working on cleaning out email inbox, spam, and trash. The trash and the archives have the most in them.
  4. Preparing to start a 30 day journaling challenge next month. I’m going to be doing this privately, although I’m going to be using prompts so that I don’t just decide to skip writing because I don’t have anything to write about.
  5. I’m still in my ongoing search to find an alternative to WordPress. I continued that this week. If I could find a simple service, (like Tumblr, minus Yahoo,) that would give me a blog to post links to, and I could import my existing blog from WP, I’d be perfectly happy. I used to used the Tumblr bookmarklet and it worked until I left.
  6. Despite the inefficiencies with PressThis, I’ve managed to get more links posted. With the exception of tonight, (because I was picking prompts for next month,) I’ve been posting 3-4 links each day. That’s good considering the last couple months I’ve had more headaches than usual.
  7. Lol and if the Apple hearing hadn’t been postponed, I definitely was going to follow that!

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