Stuff happened today.

Lol because today totally did not go as planned! The first part did, mom, dad, and I went to church. After that, we were supposed to have breakfast with my sister, her boyfriend, and their kids. However, several people didn’t go to bed until midnight last night, and decided that it would be fun to get up at 9 this morning, (mainly everyone in that household.) I suppose that’s fine when you don’t plan to have to be somewhere until around 3 in the afternoon, (especially if you have 3 kids, and take an hour and a half to get ready.) However, we all decided to wait to eat, because we thought we were going to breakfast fairly soon after church, (or that’s what I thought, anyway.)
Mom, dad, and I ended up going to eat, (because we hadn’t eaten yet!) Mom had stuff for the kids, so they said they were going to take it to my sister’s house after they brought me back home.

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