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Wow, I sure failed blog 365!

That definitely wasn’t my intent. In fact, it wasn’t my intention to skip 5 days worth of posts! However, I had a headache that lasted 12 days, (I’m just getting over it now,) and it required strong pain medication to break. I didn’t end up doing anything for the past few days. Not doing anything did include going to the doctor yesterday. He gave me a prescription for the pain medication, and a prescription for Relpax to take when I have the first sign of a headache. The pain medication went through but the Relpax needed a prior authorization for some strange reason.

Because I don’t want to skip yet another post this month.

I did that too many times while waiting for content to import into Blogger and TypePad. However this one’s going to be short because I’m still dealing with a headache that I can’t get rid of and I don’t have much to say. My TWBlue experiment is still going well, other than the fact that I have to use a separate system for Twitter. That should all be taken care of if any other Twitter client decides to update, or when I get my new system.

Testing tWBlue.

On my laptop anyway, because for some reason it won’t run on my desktop! TWBlue is a Twitter client, in case anyone’s wondering. It works really well in Windows 10, except for the fact that I haven’t figured out how to set up filters yet. It didn’t install a readme file, and the documentation I found is extremely outdated, I’m not even sure the client supports filtering. I’ve also decided that I better start getting used to Windows 10, because my next desktop will definitely be a win 10 system. Because this thing is 6 years old, and I won’t be able to run 10 on it, I’m going to try to get a new computer by the end of this year. Well, preferably the closer to my birthday the better, but that’s the goal.

Thursday Lister: quick takes.

Lol because I can’t think of many things to put on this list, it probably won’t be more than 4 or 5.

  1. I finally fixed the feeds! This took starting over with Feedpress, but now this blog has a feed, and so does the linkblog.
  2. I had to recreate the Thursday Lister blog because of the whole Google account deletion mess, it’s now right here.
  3. I haven’t gotten around to installing Disqus there yet, (or here for that matter,) partly because Disqus hides the code that you need for Blogger install, (or it doesn’t work properly as in, they give you an old one,) and right when I was about to do this, we started having thunder storms here.
  4. I haven’t done it on my other blogs yet because I’m waiting a week or 2 for feed subscribers to well ya know fall in line, before deciding what to do with my domains. After I do the actual domain pointing, I’ll install disqus.
  5. This causes me to wonder how RSS readers work. I know Google reader did this, but do all the RSS readers out there catch it if your feed is being redirected? I installed the Feedpress WP plugin to redirect my feeds. RSS is a standard, so you’d think if they’re doing things correctly they would, but what if they aren’t doing things correctly?

Papers, papers everywhere!

Lol well not exactly papers everywhere! Although it seems like there are papers everywhere if you look in my insurance files. As of 4/1, I now have Medicare. This means I also have one of those supplemental plan thingies for my prescriptions, (managed care in my case.) I also still have insurance with my state. There’s actually a name for this, we call it a “dual patient.” So I call my pharmacy this morning to ask if a prescription is ready. They say something like well, we have an insurance change problem, you need to bring your new insurance information into us. OK, bringing it in is fine, no problem. For a second though, I wasn’t sure which insurance card to give them. I ended up having to call my caseworker from the state and ask this question. She told me what I already knew, (and should have remembered from back in 2007 when I learned about this whole thing.) Medicare always comes first! Lol hah, I knew that, I just didn’t remember it for some reason.

I might be teaching Sunday school again soon!

I had to stop teaching when I moved because no one wanted to come and pick me up where I live, that is until now. One of the bus drivers has offered to start picking me up 2-3 Sundays a month to help out with Sunday school again. The children’s pastor called me this morning, while I happened to be streaming a congressional hearing about encryption and law enforcement. In blog migration news, I finally decided that maintaining 2 Blogger accounts just wasn’t working, (and it actually wasn’t working anymore!) In blog migration news, I finally decided that maintaining 2 Blogger accounts was getting ridiculous! It was also not working anymore. There was one thing I couldn’t do in Chrome that I needed to do in IE with the other account, and that was change the template on the linkblog, (that’s pretty much the only thing that didn’t work.) Except for the fact that Blogger decided not to switch accounts when I logged out of one email account and into another. I had to bring that blog over to this email address. I decided that rather than change permissions etc, I’d just delete the other account altogether. So I just recreated the blog here on this account. However, I have to use the same Blogger profile.

Yeah, I really did fail at feed migration!

So it turns out I was supposed to create the feeds from my blogger blogs and redirect to WP, not WP and redirect back here. That creates feeds that don’t update, (woops!) So yay, once I figure out how to do this whole feed migration thingy, maybe I’ll start domain pointing. I still have to re-upload all the files that I decided not to export, we’ll see how that goes. I may employ SoundUpload for that purpose. I know Blogger does host images.

I didn’t fail at feed migration, (sort of.)

I started feed migration today on both blogs. In other words, the process of migrating feeds over from WP without losing subscribers. I’m using Feedpress for this, and I was able to create a feed so that I could redirect it to blogger. However, bridging to WP was a bit of a challenge. Feedpress has a plugin that will do this automatically, but when I installed it, something went wrong somewhere, and it decided not to redirect. What exactly went wrong I’m not sure, because when I did it on my linkblog everything worked fine. Although I haven’t done the redirect to Blogger yet. I’m wondering if I’m actually going to be able to get away with doing it that way. Redirecting Feedpress feeds from WP to Blogger that is. because if I’m using the Feedpress plugin, it’s going to want to get it’s updates from that, and if I point my domains to Blogger, I still might loos some subscribers. I haven’t been using a service to do this before, (although I definitely should’ve done it before now!)

Baking and other things.

We baked a cake today. It was one of those cake mixes you buy from the store, but it turned out perfectly! We had to go to the store first because I didn’t have the stuff for the cake, so we went to Safeway, because they have chinese food that I absolutely love! Mom and dad are leaving on vacation today. They’re having a house sitter stay and watch their dogs and their, (formerly my,) cat while their gone. I got a text from my grandma, (who’s also on a trip,) explaining where she was and saying that her dog was having panic attacks while they were in the car. I told her to get the quiet moments soft chews I got for the cat when I needed to sleep at night. Unfortunately there isn’t a Petco in the area where she is right now.

I just posted ThursdayLister.

I know I’m a bit late for this, but since I’m in the middle of a massive blog migration, I decided to do it on the ThursdayLister blog! The list is right here, and maybe I’ll try to do this earlier next week so more people can participate! Lol I won’t care if someone decides to make a list on Friday this week!