We did the birthday party thing today.

It was actually a great day for a birthday party! Not too cold, and not too hot. Those are the days I like! I’m not a big fan of days over about 80, and obviously you wouldn’t want to have a birthday party outside when it’s cold and rainy. I probably didn’t get there until around 1, because my dad had to pick up the pizzas at 12:15. I had a phone conversation with him about this whole thing. I called him to ask him a if I needed to bring water, and the conversation went like this. Dad: “I’ll be there in a half hour.” It’s after 12 when I’m talking to him, (like 12:05. Me: “The thing starts at 12:30, we’ll be late.” Him: “Well, I have to pick up the pizzas at 12:15, and mom said it doesn’t matter if we’re a little late to this.”
Lol, the thing is, mom isn’t the biggest fan of being on time. My sister is way, way worse than her, (I’m sure she learned it from my mother, though.) Lateness is my pet peve though, and I don’t like to be late to anything!

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