I’ve been busy today!

Yes, yes I have! Someone recommended Emails to RSS to me a while ago, (last September, in fact,) and I just started using it today. The service was over quota when I first looked at it, it’s using Google app engine, (which is a free service, although of course it gives you higher limits if you pay,) and I didn’t want something that I would have to forward everything to by hand. Well, I just realized I could probably do everything a bit differently than intended, and not forward everything by hand. In other words, I could do a lot of email address changing, and sometimes unsubscribing and resubscribing. In places that I noticed newsletters had RSS feeds, I subscribed to those. When I say “a lot,” I really mean it! I don’t know how many subscriptions I had, (I didn’t count,) but all I know is that it’s possible I reached the quota.
On a completely unrelated note, the nurse called me this morning. She had a really bad connection because she was driving, however I was able to understand the fact that she’ll be coming out on Friday to start injection training.

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