Thursday lister: April list updates.

Yeah, I’m actually remembering to do Thursday Lister, and list updates! I didn’t intentionally wait, (but when I realized I hadn’t done them yet, I decided to do them today. I managed to start one goal this month, (and start planning for another one.)

  • 25. Start at least 2 more blogs.
  • OK OK so a slight change to this one. Somehow I thought I could manage to run 6 blogs, plus the podcast I’m going to be starting, (lol!) As for the starting of the blogs, one involves starting a blog for this here Thursday lister thingy, (maybe I’ll actually keep up with it better, (hah!) Lol it just occurred to me that I probably don’t need WP for this, hmm, maybe I’ll get this up and running soon! The other blog I’m planning to start? It involves what I’m doing right now… Lol as in sitting here blogging.

  • 58.Do a 30 day journaling challenge each year of the 3 years.
    I started this one at the beginning of this month, so far, I haven’t skipped an entry!

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