Testing Blogger.

I imported the contents of my linkblog into a Blogger blog today, just to see how things would work. It actually went fairly well, once I found out that Blogger doesn’t take WP export files, and you have to convert them to Blogger ones. There’s actually a service that does this! http://wordpress2blogger1.appspot.com You can probably ignore the fact that it says it won’t take files bigger than 1 MB, since it took my 8 MB linkblog file, (um… who knew text/HTML was that big!)
Blogger took all 1845 posts in the file, then said I had 1846 posts somehow, (lol!) Unlike my imports from Tumblr to wordpress.com and then to self-hosted WP, my posts are all dated correctly, (of course I can’t say the same for the posts that were previously imported from Tumblr.) The only issue I’m having so far is well… um… one of the main reasons I’m switching away from WP is Press This doesn’t support tags without having to click around. It appears Blog This doesn’t exist at all, and what does exist, (a bookmarklet from another site that connects you to blog this,) doesn’t support tags. I think I’m going to have to fix this by using the manual form to post links, and bookmarking it. I’m just testing this for now to see how things work. I’m not going to switch anything over until I think things are working well.

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