I didn’t fail at feed migration, (sort of.)

I started feed migration today on both blogs. In other words, the process of migrating feeds over from WP without losing subscribers. I’m using Feedpress for this, and I was able to create a feed so that I could redirect it to blogger. However, bridging to WP was a bit of a challenge. Feedpress has a plugin that will do this automatically, but when I installed it, something went wrong somewhere, and it decided not to redirect. What exactly went wrong I’m not sure, because when I did it on my linkblog everything worked fine. Although I haven’t done the redirect to Blogger yet. I’m wondering if I’m actually going to be able to get away with doing it that way. Redirecting Feedpress feeds from WP to Blogger that is. because if I’m using the Feedpress plugin, it’s going to want to get it’s updates from that, and if I point my domains to Blogger, I still might loos some subscribers. I haven’t been using a service to do this before, (although I definitely should’ve done it before now!)

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