Papers, papers everywhere!

Lol well not exactly papers everywhere! Although it seems like there are papers everywhere if you look in my insurance files. As of 4/1, I now have Medicare. This means I also have one of those supplemental plan thingies for my prescriptions, (managed care in my case.) I also still have insurance with my state. There’s actually a name for this, we call it a “dual patient.” So I call my pharmacy this morning to ask if a prescription is ready. They say something like well, we have an insurance change problem, you need to bring your new insurance information into us. OK, bringing it in is fine, no problem. For a second though, I wasn’t sure which insurance card to give them. I ended up having to call my caseworker from the state and ask this question. She told me what I already knew, (and should have remembered from back in 2007 when I learned about this whole thing.) Medicare always comes first! Lol hah, I knew that, I just didn’t remember it for some reason.

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