Thursday Lister: things from the past week or so.

Well let’s see:

  1. I got my laptop back yesterday. I wasn’t able to get the package open. I really didn’t want to apply too much force to the package because Dell is notorious for not using a lot of protection inside their packages. Not only that, but I’m not sure which parts were replaced, and if they replaced the hard drive, I’d need help setting things up for the first time, (again.) That being said, I’ve gotten 2 emails from Dell in the past 24 hours. HP was never this impatient.
  2. When I was at church on Sunday, I accidentally told the children’s pastor I’d be there “next Sunday.” It’s actually the Sunday after this one, because the person who picks me up has to greet this Sunday.
  3. I ended up migrating the Linkday blog over to Blogger today. I was able to create a Feedpress feed, but had trouble pointing the domain, (well, I didn’t want to wait for DNS repropagation.)
  4. I’m hoping Google will let me create another email address without disabling it this time, because I need to create one for the Linkday newsletter. I had an email address when the domain was hosted with Bluehost, but I’ve decided to cancel my server instead of paying $191.
  5. I did get my chip card from Chase last week. However, when I tried to add it to my PayPal account to make a purchase today, PayPal decided that the number was invalid for some reason. I’m not sure if the card isn’t working, or this is PayPal being stupid.

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