I finally got my laptop back!

Well, I actually got it back on Wednesday. Although I didn’t set it up until Friday. When I set it up, I immediately noticed that Upon replacing the motherboard and fixing the problem, Dell broke my function first setting. Since I run Windows 10, (I’ve been doing this last summer,) I wondered if they gave me a newer motherboard, (one that was using secure boot, also commonly called UEFI.) I needed to figure this out because if it was using UEFI, it needed to be disabled so Melissa could set function first in legacy BIOS, (which loads outside the OS, and apparently sits on the motherboard.) I looked for a way to determine this before trying to access the boot options menu, and even though there appeared to be one way, I didn’t have the text file it told me to open. Melissa was able to find the boot options menu, go into settings, (which fortunately for me happened to be running legacy instead of UEFI!) Once she was there she was able to set it from media first to function first.

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