Thursday Lister: reasons for not participating in Audiomo.

This is actually going to be a short list, (but I do want to explain my reasons.)

  1. I want to get back into blogging on a regular basis. If I were to participate in Audiomo, I wouldn’t really have time to write many posts here because I’d be too invested with coming up with Audiomo topics, recording, uploading, etc. Not only that, but since I switched to Blogger, I don’t exactly have enough space in Dropbox to create permanent archive links to post all the files here like I’ve been doing.
  2. I’m also way behind on linkblogging. I got way, way behind last month for some unknown reason. Audiomo usually takes more time away from that than anything, (I can always put up a short post here,) but it takes a while to post links, (especially if the articles I’m summarizing have lots of links in them.)
  3. I’m still technically in the middle of the blog migration, and I’m having a bit of trouble finishing the migration with I think I got the domain record pointed, except for the fact that now Blogger doesn’t seem to want to verify it.
  4. Speaking of Linkday, I need to prepare for that whole thing. Since I did the blog migration and I’m going to be canceling my server, I have a lot of administrative work yet to do. This includes creating a gmail account for the newsletter, (I hope gmail doesn’t try and disable this account, because when I went to create one for something else, they disabled it.)
  5. I’m also planning for my participation in the 31 days blogging challenge, and I’ll be taking 2 blogs through that this year.
  6. I didn’t have a plan, or come up with any topics ahead of time. I wanted to try that this year so I didn’t sit there saying, “I really have nothing to talk about.” I’m not sure how many topics I would’ve been able to come up with, but having 15-20 out of the 30 topics planned would probably be good. I’m not talking about a theme, or pre-recording posts, I’m simply talking about making a list of topics.

All that, and my aunt and uncle from Maine are coming out here in July to go to the reunion, (they’ll be staying a few days after that,) and oh yeah, there’s the reunion which doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I’ll need to be pretty much done with all the tweaking by then. Lol between trying to deal with doctor’s appointments, insurance, (hopefully my insurance will approve my referral,) and annoying mail-order pharmacies that just don’t give up! So yeah, suffice it to say a break from Audiomo was in order this year, I’m hoping to be back next year though!

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