My aunt and uncle from Tennnessee were staying at my parent’s house, so today I went over there for a few hours. My mom was watching my niece today, as she will be all week. My sister didn’t get there until like 7, and we didn’t eat until like 7:30. Of course she wanted to leave right after that, and since I’d been with them until about 3, I asked if she could take me home. I got to ride in my sister’s new-ish car, (OK OK, it isn’t new at all, it’s a 2007,) however, it’s one of those cars that has individual seats for everyone, so I wasn’t crammed in right next to the car seat. I have to say, I really liked it! Even in my mom’s car, I’m never comfortable riding next to the car seat. Not only that, but my niece is 4, I mean come on, we should be over this car seat thing already!

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