The past few days.

My grandma called me on Wednesday to invite me to dinneron Sunday. The thing is, it’s about an hour and a half south of here. Of course she invited the rest of the family too, she just called my sister and I first. I wasn’t quite sure if we were going, so I called mom yesterday. She said yeah we were going, and that it would be around 4. I said that should be fine. Then she said we’d have to leave around 2… um OK… I thought she said 4, (LOL!) I asked mom if grandma’s going to be in Portland at the end of July, (that’s where our reunion is going to take place.) When I asked her when she was going to be up there, she didn’t say that she was going to be there around that time. Mom said she was, because my aunt and uncle from Maine are going to be there. Mom said that they’re going to stay with my grandma and her boyfriend. Mom also said that I could probably stay there if I wanted to save on motel fees. Great mom, that’s all I really want to do, stay in the house with a bunch of people. Although that’s probably what I’ll end up doing so that I don’t have to pay $100 for a motel. She told me to “decide what I want to do and talk to them about it on Sunday,” the thing is, the trip isn’t until next month. Completely unrelated to all this, I had a Skype conversation with my friend Shelly yesterday, and it was recorded for her Audiomo challenge. She edited it down to about 20 minutes. here it is.

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