We just got back from dinner a little bit ago.

So today was our big trip out of town to go eat dinner with my grandma. We were a bit late leaving, so we got there after my sister got to the restaurant, (and there was a wreck on the way,) so we were stuck in traffic for a little while. My grandma gave my niece a beach bag, and a quilt she’s probably been working on since well… several months before Christmas, as late birthday presents. I asked my grandma if I could stay at her boyfriend’s house during the reunion, and she said that I could, so it looks like I’ll be staying there with my Aunt and Uncle from Maine. This way I won’t have to pay the close to $100 per night for a motel, and I can try and save my money for replacing my desktop, (hopefully a couple months after the trip.) She told mom that if they wanted to bring their trailer, my sister, her boyfriend, and their kids could sleep in that, my aunt and uncle could stay in my grandma’s boyfriend’s trailer, and we could all stay in the house. Mom and dad’s trailer is still in the shop though, and cramming all of us into one car to get us there is just not going to happen!

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