Thursday Lister: things I’m looking forward to this summer.

You almost didn’t get a list this week, because I really couldn’t think of anything to make a list about! However, I didn’t want to skip this 2 weeks in a row, so I finally thought of something.

  1. Seeing my aunt and uncle from Maine. My aunt came out here in 2014 to go to the reunion that was canceled because of some health issues in my family, but I haven’t seen my uncle since that now infamous trip to Vegas. Lol that trip is infamous for several reasons!
  2. Seeing my great Aunt and Uncle on my mom’s side. this post explains why I decided to go to the reunion in the first place, (hint: I really, really hate reunions!) That being said my great Aunt and Uncle and I have had some good times, so I do look forward to seeing them.
  3. The Olympics, which start the night before I’m scheduled to do Linkday! Lol I had to deal with this in 2012 during Blogathon, I only got to watch about half of the opening ceremony before going to bed. I’m not starting Linkday until 7 so yeah, I’ll probably be able to watch about 3-4 hours of it before going to bed around 11.
  4. Linkday! Hah of course I’m looking forward to the event I started, right? I’m not going to be streaming it this year, so hopefully things will go better this time.
  5. The ACB convention, which starts on the 3rd and runs through the 8th of July, (or at least I’m pretty sure that’s when the general sessions will take place.)
  6. The political conventions, although I don’t intend to watch everything this year, I’ll definitely keep an eye on what goes on, if anything looks interesting I’ll probably watch.

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