Watching Olympic trials, and submitting documents for conversion.

As we all know from 2010, 2012, and 2014, I really enjoy the Olympics when they come around! This is an Olympic year, and being a summer year, there are trials. I’ve always thought it was strange that the Summer games had trials, and the winter ones didn’t. Anyway, they’ve been going on all week, but I don’t get NBCSN, so they started today for me. I’m hoping I make it home from church before 1:30 tomorrow, because that’s when they start again. That always happens, so unless something really strange ends up going on, I’m sure I’ll make it. Today we got to see the fully unsealed Lavabit documents, (the ones with Edward Snowden’s information left in. I have 23 individual documents here that I need to submit for conversion, because they’re all in image format. This is strange because I’m pretty sure they didn’t come off PACER this way. What’s worse is that since the page numbers are left in, (which makes me even more sure they didn’t come off PACER that way,) this causes the OCR to fail. I can only submit one document at a time, so I upload the file, put in my email address, and when it’s done, it sends me email with the results. So far, I’ve been able to successfully convert 4 out of the 23 documents.

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