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Reunion weekend.

Today we went to my great uncle’s house for the reunion. We spent about 5 hours there. it was a lot of talking etc, but the time went by fast. It wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be! I even drank one of my sister’s beers! tomorrow we go to the goodbye breakfast, and then we head for home.

Leaving today for the reunion.

I’m getting ready to leave in about a half hour actually. I was supposed to leave around 3:30, but dad called mom and told her he was coming home early. We’ll be making the trip up there, then heading to the motel. Then we’ll be leaving to go out to dinner shortly after. Tomorrow will be the long day of sitting and visiting.

No, I didn’t watch Trump speak!

I didn’t want to, especially what happened Wednesday night while Ted Cruz was speaking! I was watching Twitter at various points during the speech, and I saw tweets saying that just as he started, Trump walked in. The speech Cruz gave was definitely one of the best convention speeches I’ve ever seen! In fact, that should’ve been the acceptance speech given at this year’s convention! I was actually thinking about making a list of my favorite speeches, then I realized wait… there’s only one.

Interesting things did happen!

So I’ve been following the convention for the past couple days. Yesterday, when they went to vote on the rules for the convention, the voice vote was indiscernible. They were all chanting “roll call!” They had to do the vote a second time, and to me it was still indiscernible, but the chair overruled them and passed it anyway. Then today, during the roll call of states, there were several states that had bound deligates, (which is equivalent to super deligates in my opinion!) that tried to cast votes for other candidates. Alaska tried this, DC tried this, and so did Utah, which tried to cast all 40 of it’s deligates bound for Trump to Ted Cruz. It didn’t work though, in each situation where the deligates were bound, they all got awarded to Trump.

Thursday Lister: Things going on around here.

  1. I need to decide if I’m going to reschedule Linkday again. I’m thinking about rescheduling it for 8/27, which is 2 days after my birthday.
  2. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I think this is just the usual pre-event tricks that my body plays on me every so often, but this has caused a lot of bad headaches. As a result, I haven’t gotten anything done.
  3. Not only that, but the Olympics start the night before I was going to do the event, (8/6.)
  4. I had a lot of fun following the ACB convention! I had to go grocery shopping on Friday, so I missed a little of the long general session that takes place at the end of convention. I got to catch up with the Archive though.
  5. I’ve decided that I’m going to follow at least a bit of the Republican convention that starts on Monday. I don’t want to follow all the Trump family speeches, but I do want to see if anything interesting happens on the floor.
  6. As soon as I start sleeping again, I intend to start my podcast using ShoutEngine as my host. They have unlimited storage for free, and 10 GB of bandwidth.

ThursdayLister blog

Today at church, and other things.

I went to teach Sunday school today. Our Children’s pastor is in India, so I had to teach with a substitute. It’s someone I’ve taught with before, and her and I know each other from Prayer Seeker’s CafĂ©. I got to ride both ways in the car, because the person picking me up was driving the bus, and the people he went to pick up after me were all sick. I’m going to be going back next weekend, when our children’s pastor is back. I’ll be going to the reunion at the end of the month so won’t be able to go back then. I just got done watching women’s gymnastics trials. I’m thinking they should go back to the overnight selection again, or change it so that teams aren’t ya know… selected by committee. It took 18 minutes, (it was only supposed to take 12,) for the selection committee to make their decision. Then They had to go tell the waiting athletes, and once that happened everyone who was sitting there waiting in the arena, along with us watching live, (or I’m pretty sure it was live, because the competition took place in the pacific time zone,) finally got to hear the results! Before this, I think they’ve only done same night/day selection once that I remember, and now I don’t remember what year that was, (blah!)

Just a quick post.

I sware I’ll get back to making lists next week! I’m still following convention though, and I’m not sleeping well on top of that, so I’m having some not-so-nice headaches. The convention gets over tomorrow, and I hope to resume posting after that.

Conventioning again!

It’s that time again! Time for the ACB convention! It actually started tonight, at 5:00 PDT. Luckily for me, it’s in Minneapolis, which is on Central time. Since last year’s convention was in Dallas, and I’m very familiar with central time, it just seems to work well for me. I also was able to find the schedule last week, so I know exactly when to get up and go to bed during the week of convention! Tonight was one of the longest opening general sessions I think there ever has been. I was chatting with a friend who’s been to a couple conventions, and she said it’s way longer than anything she’s ever been to. We’re both starting to wonder if it’s going to be like this all week. I definitely hope not, because if it is, some of the session coverage is going to be interrupted for me! Melissa comes at 12 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.