Today at church, and other things.

I went to teach Sunday school today. Our Children’s pastor is in India, so I had to teach with a substitute. It’s someone I’ve taught with before, and her and I know each other from Prayer Seeker’s CafĂ©. I got to ride both ways in the car, because the person picking me up was driving the bus, and the people he went to pick up after me were all sick. I’m going to be going back next weekend, when our children’s pastor is back. I’ll be going to the reunion at the end of the month so won’t be able to go back then. I just got done watching women’s gymnastics trials. I’m thinking they should go back to the overnight selection again, or change it so that teams aren’t ya know… selected by committee. It took 18 minutes, (it was only supposed to take 12,) for the selection committee to make their decision. Then They had to go tell the waiting athletes, and once that happened everyone who was sitting there waiting in the arena, along with us watching live, (or I’m pretty sure it was live, because the competition took place in the pacific time zone,) finally got to hear the results! Before this, I think they’ve only done same night/day selection once that I remember, and now I don’t remember what year that was, (blah!)

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