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Thursday Lister: birthday edition!

I turn 33 today, so naturally, I thought I’d make a list about it.

  1. I did absolutely nothing today, and I feel fine about the whole thing!
  2. I ordered Chinese food yesterday, as a result, I have a whole bunch of leftovers!
  3. Melissa got me the same exact cake she got me last year, but Safeway says they may not have them next year. It’s an absolutely epic chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!
  4. I have wine, so I’m going to get loopy tonight. However, I won’t be doing this thing until around 10:00 though.
  5. I’m going to get my haircut tomorrow, I definitely need one!
  6. I’ll be ordering my new system at the beginning of next month, about 3 days after I pay my rent. I have birthday money from my parents that I have yet to put in the bank, and I don’t want it to get processed out with my rent check, so that’s why I’m waiting.

Closing ceremonies and TWiT moves again.

The Olympics are officially over. I really enjoyed watching them! However, I can say I’m looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule again, and coming off Twitter restriction! I ended up going to church this morning, because I had to teach Sunday school, so I missed most of the daytime coverage. By the time I got home, (our church service ran a bit long today,) it was almost over for today. After the coverage was over, I turned on TWiT live. 5 years ago, they moved from their much smaller building into a bigger one. Unfortunately, they had to leave that building as it’s being sold. So a month after the 5 year anniversary of their first move, they rented a cable car and streamed as they were driving. Yeah, the stream actually did work while they were driving, (they actually had a driver for the cable car.)

30 day challenge update.

I did 14 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. This happened because I set the phone timer for 12 minutes, but took a bit too long to get on. I ended up canceling the timer and thought it was going to be reset automatically, but it wasn’t. By the time I got off to see how much time had elapsed, it had been 14 minutes already! I’ve been doing 12 for the past couple days or so, but I’ve had headaches over the weekend. I only managed like 10 pushups on Saturday, I was able to do 20 Sunday. I accidentally forgot to get on Monday, so had to do pushups then too, as I really didn’t want to get on at 12:30 in the morning. I started with the 12 minutes last Thursday. I’m behind schedule with my podcast episodes right now. I broke the original for last week’s demonstration while trying to edit it, (and I’m the one that always tells everyone to save the originals first!) I tried to record an episode last night, but on the fourth take, the smoke alarm from across the way went off, and by the time that happened it was 7:15 and I didn’t have time to do another take.

Thoughts on my olymic live streaming experience.

So while writing down my thoughts for this post on the linkblog, I thought I’d expand them here. Basically what I wrote there is that authentication on the site was a major accessibility failure, (like, I’ve haven’t seen such an epic fail in a long time!) and the live extra app kept losing it’s authentication every time I wanted to use it. Not only that, but lack of commentary is actually a big problem for me, and ads every 2-3 minutes are not nice. There were times where I’d get Spanish streams, and didn’t have control of the app, so couldn’t fix that, which was weird because I had control of everything else. OK, so I can list the problems with NBC’s coverage, we can all list them. First, tape delay. It’s a huge problem when you have to stay up until 1:30 in the morming just to see something you want to see because it didn’t make the primetime cut. Not only that, I’ve pretty much had to take it easy on Twitter because even setting up a lot of filters hasn’t worked all that well, seriously guys, take it easy with the tweeting for the next couple weeks! Second, way, way, way too many commercials! Come on, cut back a bit on the commercials… OK? Overall, I think they’ve done a good job at reducing the amount of story from past Olympics, I think a bit of story is OK, but it’s all about finding the balance. I like to see live events when it comes to competition, and the more you interfere with that, the worse off you are. I think a bit of history is necessary, but we don’t nee to expand on things for 5 whole minutes while the event is still going on, a minute or 2 is definitely enough.

Quick 30 day challenge update.

Like, really quick! I was on the elliptical every day last week, I did skip Saturday, because I had an extremely bad headache. When I realized I forgot to get on there Sunday, I ended up doing like 23 pushups, (woops!) At least I was able to remedy the situation. The reason this is so quick, is because I need to get on there now, and I just got done recording my podcast. Blog Migrations and Olympic Filtering. I talked about my latest blog migrations, and Twitter hashtags you need to filter in order to avoid Olympic results in the third episode.

List updates for 8/5/2016.

So I started my 140 things in 3 years list a year ago today. I really wanted to do the updates today! However, when my aunt came over last night she brought a bottle of wine, and I had some earlier today, (about 6 ounces,) I ended up falling asleep not having the time I wanted for the updates. I’m going to do quick ones right now and I may have to come back and fix them later. I have a lot of goals in progress, so let’s start with those. Goals started:

  • 5. Do the 30 in 30 challenge, 30 minutes of excersise for 30 days. Started 8/1/2016.
  • I’m actually going to update this goal, to just “do a 30 day excersise challenge.” I’m not sure if I’ll get to 30 minutes on the elliptical, but I’ll do my best to get close to it. This will actually be a 31 day challenge, I’m currently at 10 minutes, and I’ve been on there every day this week.

  • 8. Spend at least 20 mintes outside 3-4 times a week in the summer. Started 8/1/2016.
  • When mom and my aunt brought me home from the reunion, they came up and swept off my deck. I’ve actually been spending around 20 minutes outside in the morning every day this week as well.

  • 41.Start a podcast. Started 8/2/2016.
  • I could actually say that I’ve completed this goal, but I want to produce a few more episodes before I do that.

  • 71.Replace my desktop. Started 8/2/2016.
  • The reason why I’m putting this in here, is because I found the system I want! I found it on Tuesday night, it’s this one! I’m about 90% sure I’ll be able to do this next month.

  • 103.Try 20 new foods. Started 8/2/2016.
  • I went to dinner at my parent’s house on Tuesday night, and my uncle made asparagus wrapped in bacon! Never had that before. Goals completed:

Goals completed:

  • 28.Find an alternative to WordPress. Completed 8/4/2016.
  • Blot, is that service!

Over the past year, I’ve completed 10 goals, and have 14 in progress. Unfortunately, I failed blog 365 because of headaches, and I tried to sign up for an Audible subscription, but I just couldn’t get the thing to work for me.

Thursday Lister: favorite Olympic events

I’m sure you knew this one was coming, right? Lol if you didn’t, well here it is! I have many events that I like watching, so they’re pretty much going to be in random order, (except the first four.)

  1. Swimming! It’s fun to watch, and I used to be on swim team.
  2. Gymnastics, because I also used to participate when I was little. My favorite thing used to be the bars, because I used to like to pretend I was flying!
  3. Diving, probably because I think it would be fun to try.
  4. Track, because I live in Oregon, about an hour and a half away from Eugene, I pretty much have to say that!
  5. Equestrian, because there’s just something exciting about watching horses jump. Although this is very hard to find!
  6. Syncronized swimming, because it’s a summer version of figure skating.
  7. Rowing, because it seems like everyone young and old can do it.
  8. Rhythmic gymnastics, because it combines dancing with props and gymnastics. It’s something I’d like to try, (dancing with props, that is.)
  9. Cycling sprints, not the long road races.

So I’ve decided to start putting the Mister linky widget for Thursday Lister here as well as on the blog itself, in hopes that others will decide to make lists as well. Also maybe it will start actually getting me to keep up with it more!

I’m now podcasting!

I’ve just released my first attempt at podcasting, and it’s called “The Beta Show!” I’m linking directly to the RSS feed so that if anyone wants to subscribe, they can. I talked about the Windows 10 anniversary update, and Windows 10 upgrades in general, in this first episode. Unfortunately something strange happened, and the levels ended up pretty low. They weren’t like that when I played the MP3 before I uploaded it to see if it needed another take, and to test the length of the file. I’ll have to make sure they’re higher next time when I’m recording. This is going to be a tech podcast, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. As I say in the show, I wanted to start it last month, but couldn’t.

Planning Melissa’s wedding!

Melissa and I did a lot of wedding planning while she was here today! We both agreed that we’re going to have to go dress shopping. I don’t have a dress, (I usually never wear dresses,) and of course, she needs some kind of a dress to walk down the aisle in! The wedding will most likely happen next month. I asked her not to have it on the third, because I’ve rescheduled Linkday twice already, and I really don’t want to have to reschedule it again! She was thinking about either the 10th or the 17th of September. Of course, she needs to take that up with her Fiance first. I’ve always enjoyed wedding planning, I think it’s a lot of fun!

Back home!

I got back home about an hour and a half ago. my Aunt and uncle wanted to see my apartment so we brought them up here and mom and my aunt swept off the deck which Melissa wouldn’t do! We got to see mom’s new shop earlier today. We had a bit of fun on the long trip home. I tried weed for the first time. We were passing it back-and-forth in the car, so everyone had some. I was definitely glad I wasn’t driving! Lol, I was loopy for about an hour and a half, then it was over. It was just like a big adrenalin rush, like wooohooo! Then I was like um… OK… it’s done. Seriously, I was ready to dance in my seat, (hah!) I didn’t fall asleep, and I didn’t get extremely hungry, I was also still aware of everything going on around me.) We stopped at a place that had horses about 45 minutes later, and let the kids in my sister’s car ride. They all love horses, (but especially my 4-year-old niece!) I’d say I had a good trip overall. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the reunion, and I definitely had fun!