Back home!

I got back home about an hour and a half ago. my Aunt and uncle wanted to see my apartment so we brought them up here and mom and my aunt swept off the deck which Melissa wouldn’t do! We got to see mom’s new shop earlier today. We had a bit of fun on the long trip home. I tried weed for the first time. We were passing it back-and-forth in the car, so everyone had some. I was definitely glad I wasn’t driving! Lol, I was loopy for about an hour and a half, then it was over. It was just like a big adrenalin rush, like wooohooo! Then I was like um… OK… it’s done. Seriously, I was ready to dance in my seat, (hah!) I didn’t fall asleep, and I didn’t get extremely hungry, I was also still aware of everything going on around me.) We stopped at a place that had horses about 45 minutes later, and let the kids in my sister’s car ride. They all love horses, (but especially my 4-year-old niece!) I’d say I had a good trip overall. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the reunion, and I definitely had fun!

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