Thursday Lister: favorite Olympic events

I’m sure you knew this one was coming, right? Lol if you didn’t, well here it is! I have many events that I like watching, so they’re pretty much going to be in random order, (except the first four.)

  1. Swimming! It’s fun to watch, and I used to be on swim team.
  2. Gymnastics, because I also used to participate when I was little. My favorite thing used to be the bars, because I used to like to pretend I was flying!
  3. Diving, probably because I think it would be fun to try.
  4. Track, because I live in Oregon, about an hour and a half away from Eugene, I pretty much have to say that!
  5. Equestrian, because there’s just something exciting about watching horses jump. Although this is very hard to find!
  6. Syncronized swimming, because it’s a summer version of figure skating.
  7. Rowing, because it seems like everyone young and old can do it.
  8. Rhythmic gymnastics, because it combines dancing with props and gymnastics. It’s something I’d like to try, (dancing with props, that is.)
  9. Cycling sprints, not the long road races.

So I’ve decided to start putting the Mister linky widget for Thursday Lister here as well as on the blog itself, in hopes that others will decide to make lists as well. Also maybe it will start actually getting me to keep up with it more!

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